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Gta vice city headlines on good morning america.


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Pretty interesting. My mom told me it was on thismorning. She new i bought the game so she tuned into it. Guess they made a big stink about it.. sayin it is the most violent vidgame ever and it sold 4 mil copies before it even came out.

But here is the article on it if anyone wants to see it. I haven even read it yet.  Here it is. If it dont work Go to the GMA homepage its right on the front page.

Article:  http://abcnews.go.com/sections/GMA/GoodMorningAmerica/GMA021031Grand_theft_auto.html




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Uh!Uh! ya americans sometimes are really funny!


what a dull article! is anyone reading those things?

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"There's a lot of stuff [in it] you don't want to see in real life," one 13-year-old said.


I bet thats the Oreio kid, god i hate him




that thing is so crappy

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""It's not so much the copy cat factor … but kids and teens are in the process of shaping their norms," Walsh said. "When you kill a prostitute after having sex with her — that's not something we want boys doing," he said"


My god..what about TV? What about the news? SNIPER SNIPER SNIPER is what I have been seeing/hearing/reading about constantly, repeatedly..over and over. If you see something happening in a video game, and cannot desern what is real life and what is basically a cartoon on the screen you control, then you have more things to worry about then violence in video games. I grew up watching the Roadrunner, bugs bunny and elmer fudd. Daffy duck would always get shot by elmer with a shotgun and his head would turn black, wile e. cayote would jump off cliffs, and blow himself up with TNT and rockets while trying to kill the roadrunner.


Not once can I recall thinking, wow mommy, can you take me to the nearest cliff so I can jump off like the road runner and make a big hole in the ground.


My parents really let me do my own thing when I was growing up. I was allowed to see R movies, and they even took me some. Allowed to play any type of game I wanted (although back then there wernt many violent ones, unless you count duck hunt I suppose..) and watch whatever I wanted on TV.

I saw my fair share of playboys like any 13 year old kid back then, I watched the violence on TV, in the movies. I can honostly tell you that I feel bad when i kill insects nor could i imagine hunting animals.


Half the battle here is probably a genetic disposition to be violent, the other half a mix of hanging around with the wrong people and the peer pressure involved. But I honostly fail to see the connection to video games, yes they are violent, but compared to TV or the typical hollywood movie they are nothing.





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Barton Waterduck

Guess it's gonna get banned in Norway then. And in the rest of Europe. Why did they put all that Sims stuff in there ? They're asking for it.

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