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(PS3) Bong Hits For Kicks - TeamSpeak :)

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Hi all!

Finally resurrected my old forum account xD

Bong Hits For Kicks was established so that myself and friends from across the world (mainly UK and North America) could play together and converse via TeamSpeak, the typical sh*t.

We aim to play the game for fun, not ruining peoples game play or exploiting the game mechanics. Having lost my character 3 times now *shakes fist* I know how hard it was to resist farming VD :p

We use TeamSpeak rather then Skype or PS3 Voice chat due to convenience and quality of audio :p

As a crew we mainly just have fun in free roam, take on missions race each other etc.

We're looking for anyone who wants to have fun whilst speaking over VOIP. We act mature, but with this basicly being a mass murdering simulator we do on occasion resort to killing each other in between jobs xD.

We play using the Free-Aim targeting mode as Auto Aim is unfair to others and OP.

Requirements you say?

The only requirements are
1) Decent quality mic on PC/Laptop/Mac whatever TeamSpeak runs on
2) Average+ spoken English
3) Willingness to have fun.


You can contact me via my PSN (eVu) or via Skype (evu.evans).

Link to Social Club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/bong_hits_for_kicks


Party Mild

Join and you too could be this cool! ---> http://i.imgur.com/ZwTl1Xc.gif

Edited by evu

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Bumping this thread as were still looking for awesome individuals :)

P.s we do play other games whilst on TeamSpeak, mainly PC related though.

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