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Intel Says GTA 5 is Coming to PC Very Soon

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I brought GTA 4 for PC when it was dirt cheap, after completing 4 on console I wanted to mod it, and with a decent PC and decent mods it makes the game look amazing. In my opinion mods made that game for me (on PC) I would really like to see GTA V on PC at some point in the future....

Edited by JmanBassman

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The only reason I want it on PC is because I could fix Rockstar's sh*t myself with mods. I wouldn't really mod it completely but for example I could probably make trains driveable, I could unlock the interiors, I could fix glitches, add new maps, vehicles and even missions and mini games or edit the map to put more trees around the completely empty mountains that wisely increased the size of the map for them...

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You know why they don't want to release it for PC? Because piracy, now stop asking for PC version...

Sure we're the pirates.... not like GTA V was pirated for xbox before it's own release oh no
They didn't expect those problems, but on PC, they would loose more money than the one they've put on.


I'd love to see a GTA V on PC, but if this happens, I'd also like to see it on PS4 or XBOX One(With thousands of improvements)

Lose* f*cking lose*. Loose refers to the FIT of an object.

I'm sorry for my bad english, if you read my motto, you can notice that I'm from Perú, and english is not my first language.


Well then I apolgize. Your English is far better than most Americans.

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I really don't more give a f*ck to GTA V, stupid COCKstar and that stupidity of not confirming that sh*t for PC, so F*CK IT, gonna buy Watch_Dogs and be happy... :panic::panic::panic::panic::panic:
My country is a real sh*t, REALLY expensive Console and Console Games (200 - 300 in Brazilian Money), *Steam* is the unique place I can buy games without any taxes, STUPID BRAZIL, THIS COUNTRY IS A REAL sh*t, so I bought a PC, and can't own a console now...
I'm just in a bad moment, normally I don't make those stupid bad words posts, but stupid cockstar isn't saying nothing, and I want to play it ;-;
For Brazilians:
Simplesmente estou com raiva desta bosta de Rockstar Games... Não sou assim normalmente.

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