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I'm stuck!


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Well I've been stuck on the same set of missions for a long time now. I can't save Lance in time when he's dying tied to a chair, I can't make the hitlist in time for that payphone mission where you have to take out the bank robbers. The mission where you have to shoot from the boat while somebody else drives and take out a bunch of hatians and steal some dope is f*cking impossible. So 6 hours into the game I am totally stuck.. pretty frustrating  :rah:


also why does the weapons code only give you the weakest weapon in any catagory... god I hope a better code surfaces... i need the rocket launcher and chain gun!

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I just finished saving Lance, it took 3 times but I did it, it was easy after you know where they keep him, and for a tip use the garbage truck to take him to the hospital if you use the other cars 4 people chase you and you know how fast a regular car can blow up.  That mission was really good, but I wish there were way more missions I could have this done easy by the end of the week, I wish there was more of a main story.  Did not even start a mission for the first hour and a half of acual game time and I keep messing around but it still seems like it going to quick, anyone else feel the same?  Hit list is easy you justy need the right weapons

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The boat mission just takes practice driving speedboats. I just jacked a speeder and ran the course a few times. The gun part is easy as long as you can keep the reticle on the hull.


The hitmen can be pretty easy if you have the sniper rifle they provide. Snipe one no problem. Approach two from the north in the alley across from him, climb the stairs ,and snipe him through the window. For three and four approach from the northwest, snipe the driver, and wait for the passenger to get out and run at you. Snipe him. The guy on the boat can be accessed easily enough by driving close to him, in a set of condos or buildings on one of the islands and sniping him. The guy cruising is hard if you alert him...but you you get ahead of him on the strip and nipe him, he's a baby.


For lance....if you've unlocked all islands i'd recomend getting the hymen condo and a helicopter for lance. Not only does it make getting from the malibu to him easier, but you can land in the back opf that yard where the security is minimal. Walk directly up to him so your guy is touching lance in the chair and lance will get up. Waste the guards who have run back (1-3) jump in the copter, and jet.


Hope this helps.

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