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-Wild Cobras- [PS3] Recruiting here!

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-Hello my dear road warriors, im here to announce that we are starting a motorcycle crew for GTAOL only for mature gamers,if you are looking for people to team up during the nights and weekends and you love motorcycles this is your place.

-Im myself a veteran of Gta on line ,ive been playing SAMP since 2007 , some of my fellow crew mates and me we have been teaming up in Battlefield 3 for quite a while .. we have some experience in how to approach hostile areas as a squad/team.. theres a few rules you must follow in order to join us.

+20 years old gamers only (sorry kids).

-No bullsh*t attitudes.

-You must have a working PS3 headset ,(communication is basic for us).

-You have to register in our Rockstar Social Club page here : http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/wild_cobras



-For mature people who wants to play with other mature people and have a little bit of fun beating the sh*t out of other crews,Sense of humor required,laid back approach suggested..



wc4.png?w=520 Crew Vehicles









Edited by Rik96
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(Reserved for crew pictures)

Edited by Rik96

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Dont be shy! we are waiting you!

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We have some new members, we are slowly growing up, we dont want to be a super massive crew, with 10-20 people should be more than enough to have fun in GTAOL , we are located mostly in europe so if you are tired to hang arround alone and you are in the same timezone dont hesitate and add me (my psn id is on the signature )..

P.S We have a new emblem !


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