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Would it be possible to see Likes next to the comment?

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I am not aware if this is possible already, but if it isn't, I decided to ask it if it was. If other people don't want it (I can't see why, though), it could be a setting/option.


It's because I'm interested in seeing how many likes people get per post, and it's commonly seen in many forums. Or maybe I am just blind and it's in every post. That is possible too.

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Back when we had the new layout, likes were always shown under people's name, but then a majority of users had hundreds and likes in the first few days, causing jealously and disruption. A thread was made under this same section about removing the likes so the admin did.


You can still see yours and other people's likes by click their name and viewing it at the left of your screen.

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I thought you could? Maybe it's just moderators. I've liked both of these posts - does that show up for you?

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@zzmorg Well that's understandable, considering this is a relatively popular forum overall. I'd like to see my own post Likes however if it causes jealousy or something for other users, and if it is possible. :p


Maybe it could boost people into creating posts with actual intellect even if it was seen by the post creators only.


@Otter Yeah, I don't see them next to the Posts. It is probably a Moderator privilege. :p


And I didn't multiquote because I am on a mobile phone, if anyone wondered.

Edited by WinterEdit

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