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Real in game gangs (II-V)

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Hello guys, I am unsure if this has been done or started by anyone else? If so please let me know. That being said I think it would be awesome to make a Roleplaying community of all the actual gangs that appeared in the GTA series like http://gta.wikia.com/Gangs


Everybody could play a specific character of each gang and gradually build an awesome community! Just Imagine a 70 year old 2013 Tommy Vercetti running down the street with a shotgun!!!LOL, Old Law enforcers, Organized groups with Dons and enforcers ect. All the way to simple groups of leaders or no leader groups like Pimps and Hookers. Or if you have alot of time you could even play as two players like Toni and Luigi's bodyguard. The possibilities would be insane!!! Here is a rough draft of my idea...




Italian-American Gangs


(The Commission)
Gambetti Family(IV)
-Jon Gravelli, Jr(Son,Associate)
-Roy Zito(Underdog)
-Sammy Bottino(Underdog)
-Phil Bell(Associate)
-Gambetti Mob 1-5(Black Pants, Muscle shirt/Over Shirt)
Messina Crime Family(IV)
-Harvey Noto(Boss)
-Harry Hall(Underboss)
-Mark Volpe(Caporegime)
-Fredo Volpe(Made Man)
-Jimmy Capra(Member)
-Ricci(Drug Dealer)
-Vicini(Drug Dealer)
Pavano Family(IV)
-Maria Valvona(Front Boss)
-Arthur Zapulla(Consigliere/Boss)
-Mario Venturella(Associate)
-Dog Meat(Snitch/Hitman)
Lupisella Family(IV)
-Uncle Vincent Lupisella(Acting Don)
-Mark Lupisella(Don)Nephew
-Dani Lupisella(Daughter)
-Moe Schwartz(Associate)
Ancelotti Family(IV)
-Giovanni Ancelotti(Don)
-Gracie Ancelotti(Daughter)


Forelli Family(III)
-Franko Forelli(Don)
-Giorgio Forelli(Associate)
-Lou Bricant(Made Man)
-Jane Hopper(Union Boss)
-Forelli Mafia 1-10(Brown Suits)


Leone Family(III)
-Toni Cipriani(Don)
-Joey Leone(Underboss)
-Luigi Goterelli(Made Man)
-Micky Hamfists(Luigi's Bodyguard)
-Bodyguard Mike(Salvatores Bodyguard)
-Lou Scannon(Member)
-Leone Mafia 1-5(Black Suits/Black Casual)
Sicilian Mob
-Uncle Leon(Don)
-Rico Garlik(Member)
-Sicilian Mobster 1-5(White/Yellow/Blue Suits)


Vercetti Gang(VC)
-Tommy Vercetti(Boss)
-Ken Rosenberg(Lawyer)
-Kent Paul(Associate)
-Cam Jones(Associate)
-BJ Smith(Associate)
-Candy Suxxx(Associate)
-Vercetti Gang 1-20(Blue/Hawaiian Shirts, White Pants)


Sindacco Family(LCS)
Lance Urwell(Member)
Sindacco (Leather,Black)
Sindacco 1-20(Leather Coats/Black Pants)


Claude and Associates(III)(Red Jacks?)
-Claude "Speed" (Leader)
-8 Ball(Associate)
-Slick(8 ball's Worker)
-Donald Love(Associate)
-Ray Machowski(detective)
-Marty Chonks(Serial Killer)
Red Jacks(III)
-Red Jacks Thug1-20



African-American Gangs


-Los Santos Ballers 1-5
-Idlewood Ballers 1-5
-Jefferson Ballers 1-5
-Willowfeild Ballers 1-5
-Glen Park Ballers 1-5
-Ganton Ballers 1-5


Grove Street Families(SA)
-Sweet Johnson(Boss)
-Carl Johnson(Underboss)
-OG Loc(Associate)
-B Dup(Associate)
-Big Bear(Assoociate)
-Ganton GSF
-Idlewood GSF
-Temple GSF
-Playa del Seville GSF
-Santa Maria GSF
-Verona GSF
-Los Santos GSF
-Las Colinas GSF
-East Beach GSF
-Glen Park GSF
-Willowfeild GSF
-Jefferson GSF
-Los Flores GSF


North Holland Huslers/MOB(IV)
-Playboy X(Boss)
-Dwayne Forge(Former Boss)
-Jermaine Andrew(Member)
-MOB 1-20(Red,Purple,Blue Jackets/Jeans)


Southside Hoods(III)
Purple Nines(1-20)


The Families(V)
-Franklin Clinton
-Lamar Davis
-Los Santos Family 1-20
-Trevor Phillips
-Michael De Santa
-Jimmy De Santa

Uptown Riders(TLAD)
-Malc DeSean(Leader)
-Northwood UR(1-20)


Eastern Asain Gang


Algonquin Triads(IV)
-Hsin Jaoming(Boss)
-Haung Lee(Under Boss)
-Mr. Wong(Member)
-Triad Boss(Boss in TBOGT)
-Triad Rookie(TBOGT)
-Algonquin Triad 1-10(Street Clothing)


Da Nang Boys
-Nang Boys 1-10(Beige/Black/Grey)
-DNG Gang 1-10(Beige and Black/Robe Shirts)




As you can see I did not finish this list. Nor did I put much thought into these gangs yet.



If this is already being done please let me know. If not I may start taking a list for serious Roleplaying Gamers, Let me know if this sounds feasible and give any ideas you may have. Thanks



also my gamertag for xbox360 is nathanielptrs

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nice to be popular ! lol

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nuff said

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me and my mates are already in a game, we are grove street and u gotta wear something green and ur character needs to be black to join, just look up grovestreet4life on social club the tag is GS4L

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