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AuguryInsurance how to make money from it?

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do i invest, destroy cars and sell my stocks , destroy cars buy stocks at low and wait for the rise...?

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Until anyone can SHOW THE EVIDENCE, do not believe the blogs, forums, reviews, or guides telling you that you can manipulate stocks in "free play" as you are describing, with Augury Insurance or anything else.


I have seen no reason to believe it works. Apparently some people misinterpreted Rockstar's description of the Lester Assassinations/Stock Manipulation and over-applied the idea to all companies in the game. That, or Rockstar meant for that kind of self-directed stock manipulation to work but it just doesn't, at least in an easily recognizable and usable form.


However, after the final storyline mission, Augury Insurance (AUG) did double, then more than double, at least in my game.


So my advice, which you should not take as a guarantee: invest everything you have in AUG as soon as you possibly can after the final main storyline mission. After you have made a big profit in AUG, then do the Lester Assassinations for more easy money.

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mmm i have done this and seem to work...


augury is a car insurance, go out and destroy as many cars as you can IN the Los Santos area, after a couple waves of car destructions,give a couple in-game hours and augury stocks would fall, there you would buy "cheap" stocks, within a couple days the stock would go back to normality earning yourself a couple thousands(depend on how much you invest) in profit.


do the test before investing millions.

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haven't tested it but it seems when destroying police cars that the stocks are going up.


could be coincidence, but its just something I noticed.

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the same works with the other insurance company(i don't remember the name, but it covers humans), just kill NPCs and it rises. to get awesome results, buy the junkyard, get the RPG (found in the altruist's camp and respawned by switching characters) and and blow the livin' sh!t outta occupied vehicles, specially busses

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Seriously??? Guys, go on a rampage of destruction,  destroying as many cars as possible,  i suggest taking a big rig truck with a container onto the highway and park it across the lanes , blocking off traffic,  once traffic has backed up by about twenty or thirty rows of cars, tak a rocket launcher to the  lot ( be careful to stand back so you don't get killed by the blast) after taking out as many cars as possible,  commit suicide,  and when you respawn, tale a look at auguryinsurance stocks, they should be dropped to about  $120 - $140, now,  BEFORE INVESTING QUICK SAVE IN A NEW SLOT SO YOU HAVE A SAFE RETURN POINT!   Then invest all your money over all 3 characters in augury, then quicksave again  IN ANOTHER NEW SLOT.  Now: quickly reload your last save, once it loads, look at the  stock, augury should be around  $250 - $280. Now, sell all, and repeat.  I turned the 28 million you get at the end of the game into 2.6 billion in an hour.  Unless it's been patched,  brilliant way to make money.  ( that's why you should have your saftey.save)


Literally almost doubled my money each time.


Another tip, not necessary,  but if you really wanted to maximize your profit, wait a couple of in-game hours after your rampage untill the stock has dropped as far as possible before investing, usually if you do this you can always more than double your money. 

Edited by Twitchblade1992

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