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Official Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay (Xbox 360)

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I cant find you. They say That there isnt a Gamertag called xJim Bob lllx

Edited by JohnRambo21
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+ADDED Park Ranger/Bus Driver/Lifeguard Jobs

+ADDED More in-depth crime and punishment system

+Updated ALL Wages of jobs to their REAL wages

+ADDED Financing And Leasing

+Updated Car prices to their REAL prices

-Took away certain parts of rules that were not needed

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Gritty Garvey

Gamertag: Gr8works
Previous Roleplay Experience: none on games, but i was active in online r p message boards (hauntingechoes.com, defunct). anyway i'm dedicated to the idea of playing as your character realistically.

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How does one get the "Chemist" perk to be able to produce drugs? Does that need to be listed in character creation or something?


Also do you require players except police or certain ones to not have the mini map? I think this would be kind of interesting to do. Really make you learn the city and look around to navigate.


Let me know these answers ASAP, I am pretty interested in trying it out.

Edited by Suppa K
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Character Creation Is done in came I'll give you details about how.


Minimap is on because it is a modern time period. Almost everyone can easily get ahold of a GPS or something of the sorts(Such as their phone).

In a Red Dead RP I attended they had minimaps off because it was a different time period.


I hope your still interested! Contact xJim Bob IIIx and I can talk with you!

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Next Roleplay is FRIDAY at 7:00pm Central.


Last Roleplay went extremely well and was very Fun!


I will possibly record the next Roleplay so please post here if you would like to play or Contact xJim Bob IIIx on Xbox Live!

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UPDATE 2:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

+Added Job Duties to civilian jobs

+- Modified some rules and activities

+Added Beach Bum Pack Vehicles, Bravado Paradise is the only one for sale, BF Bifta is Lifeguard vehicle, and Canis is Military use

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Another great RP last night! Remember if you want to join we will be having another one tonight! Contact xJim Bob IIIx on Xbox Live

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  • 2 weeks later...

This Roleplay is still hosted all the time! We fill the game every night! To play contact xJim Bob IIIx on Xbox Live!

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If you want a job other than any of theses message an admin what job you would like. Be creative it could be almost anything.


Hey Jim, how about a helicopter pilot. I love the frogger and I believe it's primarily used for sight seeing.

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  • 2 weeks later...

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