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GTAForums does NOT endorse or allow any kind of GTA Online modding, mod menus, tools or account selling/hacking. Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules.

Official Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay (Xbox 360)

Recommended Posts

If you are interested in joining the GTA V Roleplay please contact SG Above. The Roleplays are hosted on a daily basis and we require all new Roleplayers to have some sort of Roleplay experience.




The following is a list of rules enforced in the Roleplay,


Player Rules:

-Game chat can be used by all players but must not be used constantly and must not interrupt other players Roleplay. If law enforcement if using game chat all other players are required to stay quiet.


-Vehicles must be set on "Everyone".


-Player May NOT enter passive mode.


-Players cannot lend, borrow, or sell Weapons.


-A character can only kill another character if the player has a reason. This reason cannot be due to a mental illness, effects of drugs/alcohol, small crimes or acts such as assault or theft unless the situation and the people involved and have a past history of conflict due to a severe reason towards the player them self or to someone of importance to their character.

After a scene that involves a character death 2 or more staff members that were not related or effected by the scene will justify if the killing was reasonable, next they will report the scene to an administrator and they will make the final decision.


-Player cannot randomly sabotage the city at any time.


-Players must apply fear to your character. Take into consideration all actions and there consequences as your character would.


-No going OOC in game chat at any time. OOC Should never be used in a Roleplay party or chat or on radio. To ask a question contact a Staff/Veteran/Administrator and they will invite you to a party/chat.


-Players may not lie about what they own. If caught lying you will be immediately kicked out of the Roleplay.


-If your are killed by another player you must return to the EXACT spot you died and continue the scene.


-Ways your character dies in one death are Execution Styled kills.


-Players will not lose lives from Falling, Being killed by npc's, Being killed by npc police, being run over, or drowning(If you wish to Roleplay your character dying in one of these fashions you may)*Players may not abuse this rule, If you are being shot at by a cliff you may not jump off the cliff purposely to escape dying.


-If your kill another player you MUST wait for them to return to their death spot before trying to kill them again.


-Players may only bribe Law Enforcement/Gov't Officials for Infractions and Class B Misdemeanors. You also cannot bribe a Law Enforcement/Gov't Official to commit a crime or to aid in committing a crime other than bribery.


-Police can only turn a blind eye or become corrupt for infractions.


-+In a police pursuit if you inflict a significant amount of damage to your vehicle you will be knocked unconscious. If you die in a police pursuit your character is dead. This applies applies to both parties in any police pursuit.


-You may take players hostage by either of the following

●Melee with a firearm

●Melee with a melee weapon if specified


-If taken hostage you may not shoot, run away, or talk unless told to. Act like you are tied up.




-No Revenge Characters.


-No excessive swearing.


-You may not take emotions from out of Roleplay into the Roleplay.


-No Harassment of any sort.


-You may not break out of jail/prison in any way.


-Do not invite non-members into the game.


-Your may not take any large weapon out of your "pocket". This includes Rifles, shotguns, sub machine guns, snipers, Bats, jerry cans, rockets, miniguns, or light machine guns unless your are next to YOUR vehicle, In your house, or in a property you own.


-No meta-gaming. This is using information you may of heard out of Roleplay or not legit against someone.


-Players must have a place to live within their first week of roleplay.


-Players may buy up to 5 lives for their character. You can purchase one life a Roleplay for $25000.


-You may form gangs with up 4 members(Including Yourself).No More than 4 people per gunfight or activity.


-Players MUST have their banks updated before every Roleplay session to play.


-Players are able to purchase weapons, houses, cars, and other from admins only. These will be written down to prevent cheating.


-If your character loses all their lives you must leave the session and create a new character before returning.


-Players must Roleplay with npc's sometimes. An example is if I walk into the Gas Station to buy food and there is not real player I must act like I am speaking to the clerk


-Players with a job must work at least in 6 game hours a day

Edited by xJim Bob IIIx
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I'll check you guys out once I get it for my Xbox. Just saying, as I have been roleplaying on different genres of games for the past 10 years, you should allow a little bit more freedom (Sure rules are needed, but you want to let players create their own story and actually enjoy it whilst of course being fair to those around them). Another note, since this roleplay is not an endorsed Rockstar event it can't really be official, you should change the name to Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay - Xbox 360 or something of that category. But besides my notes, this sounds like a promising thing and I look forward to checking it out!

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Yes I agree about the freedom but players do have a lot. Too much freedom they will ruin Roleplay. Learned that firsthand but changes can be made

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How is this going to work? There is no way to know if someone is eating, if someone has guns and other stuff... its not like you can monitor everyone.

Roleplay is nice, but it makes no sence untill the game comes out on pc and someone will create a custom mod for it.

Edited by iPsychoM
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We have done it before in Red dead and GTA IV. The point of the interview is to get people that will listen. We have moderators and admit ratios in the games that pay attention to if people are actually Roleplaying correctly. We have done this and it works.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just please note before you make comments on the length and rules this is probably the best Roleplay I've ever played but yes it is pretty hard to do. It's not for everyone

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Hey I would like to Join. I am 17 feste old and i roleplayed in GTA IV for two years. After that I roleplayed in Red Dead Redemtion for One Year. My Gamertag is EaGleStRike90

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GTA Forums User99521

1. how wud this even work you need more than 16 players like 50 and some of the things you are saying will be in it are impossible

2.It also seems boring u go to school ( r work) all day and go home to have to lets be honest for most of the jobs stand there to make a couple of 100 dollars of in game money

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We are hosting a roleplay friday night! Be sure if you would like to participate Contact me ASAP.

Gamertag:xJim Bob IIIx


Other games might also be hosted such as A Military Simulation, Demolition derby, Life Rolepla or Prison Roleplay!

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