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-Sevens-(360)-Recruiting Casual Gamers

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Hey all, recruiting any and all for an all-around crew. Open-invitation. Non-strict.

We should be considered your "second" friends list. We aren't hardcore-get-to-the-top-of-the-leaderboards kind of players. We like advancing in missions, free roaming, racing, random events, shootin the sh*t and doing whatever.

We don't require us to your ONLY crew.

We don't require us to be your PRIMARY crew.

We don't require you to give a portion of your online time with us.

We don't require a functioning mic.

We don't require much of anything.

What we do require, however, is to only be respectful to others, and to have fun.


We base our rankings on skill and crew work. To exploit the system to gain excessive amounts of levels in short time is disrespectful to Rockstar and our clan.

SOCIAL CLUB CREW PAGE: http://socialclub.ro...com/crew/sevens

SOCIAL CLUB PROFILE PAGE: http://socialclub.ro...ember/afroseven

Should you choose to make us your Primary Crew, please let us know upon joining. We will give you an immediate advancement from Muscle to Representative.

We're a small crew around 25 people, looking to grow to a decent size to increase our online friend community.

Our main goal is to have a large, respectful, wild and fun group of gamers that are always available online to play with.

Again, you don't have to be completely dedicated to us, or 'check-in' with us from time to time. We just want to be an option to join up with should you find yourself without any of your 'usual' friends online.

*If you aren't sporting the [sEVN] crew tag, please let us know when you join our game that you're part of the crew still. You don't need to switch to our tag when playing with us.*

If you're interested, visit the links above, join, and we'll see you online tomorrow.

Edited by SadisticTrigger

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