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Darkali Bratstvo

Group Banner Request

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Darkali Bratstvo

I need a banner that is 851x315 pixels in size.
It must have a bleeding heart wrapped in barbed wire and it must have the words, "Vulnerati Corda" written in a fancy gothic font.

I then need a picture that is 150x150 pixels in size of the heart wrapped in barbed wire and with the letters "V" and "C" written in a fancy gothic font in the top left and bottom right corners.

The background should be a gradient that includes black, I don't really care what the other color is as long as it demonstrates emotional crisis as its mood.

I'd also very much like the .xcf or .psd files of this. (Just because I am curious to see how much goes into all of it. And of course if I want to move some things around.)

Thank you very much!!!!

~W. Lokodovich

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Darkali Bratstvo


I realize that this is very rude of me. But I really need this done. It is very important to me. I know it doesn't seem like it is that major. But you would be doing me a huge favor. I'd really appreciate if this were done soon. I'm growing impatient. Again, I apologize for my rudeness.

~W. Lokodovich

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Darkali Bratstvo

Thank you! Once again, Great job Graven! (I couldn't remember my log in info for a long time, that's why this is so delayed)
I do have a few questions, probably the most important being, "Did you design the letters yourself? If not, what's the font name, and where in the heck did you find it??"
You can PM me with a response.
Thanks again!
~ W. Lokodovich
*I apologize to the community for the 'revival' of this topic.*

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