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I got a helicopter!


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I just bought the Hyman Condos, downtown mainland.  It comes with three HUGE garages, and a helipad on the roof, complete with a Maverick helicopter!  It's fun, because you can go anywhere you want!  But the condo costs 14,000 dollars, so it's a steep price, but so worth it!

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hey, can you put the location on a pic of the map for me? or does it come up on yer radar when u got 14000, i have like 12000 now.

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On the screen left most island, in the top left corner is where you'll find it.  A block left of the stadium... sorry, can't find my pictures...

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Schweet. Would you please tell me how many cars you can store? And is there a set limit (X cars, no more) like in GTA3, or is it as many as will fit?

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I got like 6,000, not quite there yet, I need to check that out... been to the dirt track by there but I messed the condos(took the dirt path by the water behinde them)


Also what ways do you get money? Killing people/Missions/Jumps... what else?

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I'm still living in that first hotel, heh.  I think I need to go buy a house or something, as long as it has a garage.  :dozing:

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Uhh... How the hell did you get that many vehicles in the hyman condos? I have not cheated, I have bought the links heights place, and the hyman condotook most of my money then)... And I can only fit two vehicles in each garage(3 garages, 6 total vehicles). 2 bikes, two cars, or 1 bike, 1 car. it refuses to open after that unless you try to fidget with it and crap, and I dont want to do that... cause its not how its meant to be played. The helicopter is AWESOME! I got it before I got the hyman condos, from the police place. Whenver I lose my heli, I head back to police station. I have not found the sparrow or any others, nor can I find the plane. Might someone tell me where this is? Helicopter is sweet... too bad you cant hit the other helis and planes in the air... they are not solid. Police helicopters in the chase should be though.



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