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GTA: Mill City

Recommended Posts


Grand Theft Auto: Mill City


Theme Song:

Location: A mixture of Minneapolis and Mexico City. This gives the ghettos an even more dangerous feeling than Davis and Strawberry in GTA V. The downtown area is affluent and is almost like the Santa Fe district of Mexico City.

There will be animals to hunt just like in V, only the protagonists' get to skin them like in RDR. Beautiful lakes and rivers adorn all districts of the city. Downtown is larger than the downtown of LS.


Demographics: 55 percent Caucasian, 25 percent African American, 10 percent Hispanic, 5 percent Asian/Island Pacific,5 percent other.



Protagonists: Harlen "Juicy" Powers 37 years old(voiced by Juicy J of Three 6 Mafia). Juicy is a hitman for the Native American casino located in the Okee Highlands. He has a cottage dotted along the shore of Lake Minekota(real life Lake Minnetonka).

He finds out that his sick mother was gunned down members of a rival gang "Headhuntaz" for eliminating a gang member that refused to pay his debt to the casino. This leads to his path of revenge.


Karen Milestone:22 years old.(voiced by Kate Upton and likeness too)Karen is a university attending party girl who parties on the weekend and studies hard during the week. She had driven herself in debt with her maxing out all her credit cards. She does not know what to do. One day. she watches a video about credit card debt ruining the cardholder's lives and she makes a desperate choice to start robbing banks but has to be smart about it. She looks online for help and finds a source in a socially-awkward hermit named Lester. From then on, the player takes control of her.


Les Haversham: GTA's first British protagonist.41 years old.(voiced by Tom Hardy). Les is a retired investment banker. He lives on the shoreline of the huge ocean-like Lake Centaine Lacs(a parody of Lake Mille Lacs..) The mansion he lives in is about the same size as Michael De Santa's. Les is single and can take girls on dates including everyday peds. He

finds out that his mansion is being seized for a debt that he did not pay for a long time ago and that debt kept adding over the years. He has nowhere to go but rob the very places he started from scratch. He is given a contact in the form of a Lester from Los Santos. From there on, the player takes over.


I will update this thread soon as soon as I make the map, radio, and animal list.

Slag FM: Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus but he is too busy shagging mommy while the sounds of hardcore punk rattle the walls as mommy screams for more.Slag FM specializes in the most loud,aggressive, and ear shattering hardcore punk this side of the United States.
Mill City Classics: Coming straight from the rundown Capital Heights to the affluent community of Hype Park. The sounds of yesteryear hip hop will make any car bounce. Hosted by DJ Raekwon, this is one radio station to not miss while driving down the bustling streets and thoroughfares of Mill City and surrounding Dale County.
Dale County Public Radio: You would never think that there are rednecks in the North, but one to listen to Dale County Public Radio, one would assume that he/she is listening to a conservative radio station in the heart of Alabama.
Wave 103:Hosted by Colin Hay of Men at Work:Yearning for some nostalgic feeling of the 80s? Well, look no more as Wave 103 plays the best of 80s new wave, synthpop, and even a few disco tunes. Nostalgia never felt so good.
Lazlo Radio: Coming straight from Los Santos and broadcasting all over the US, Lazlo Radio proves you do not have to be talented to have a radio station. Live broadcasts of the hit TV show Fame or Shame are broadcast for your guffaws or boos.
Classic Rock 87.1 :Hosted by Glenn Danzig: Rock straight from the 70s,80s, and 90s. Headbang and rock out to classic rock and metal. Devil horn are required. Our host Glenn Danzig will even read excerpts from his Verotiq erotic fiction novels. Don't fap too much, buster.
Kicker 105.7 : Hosted By Clay Walker : Now this is country. Country music from the 80s and 90s for your listening pleasure. They don't make country like this anymore. Wynonna Judd even comes to the studio to give a live performance.
Capital FM: Hosted by Big Boy: YEAHHHH BOOOOYYY! This is new hip hop just the way you want it. Busta comes in to talk about his new album, "Same Old sh*t." Look forward to bumping those speakers with these new hip hop beats.You keep the 2 Chains.
Radio Minekota Park:Hosted by the Phi Kappa Delta frat boys : Like its predecessor, Radio Mirror Park, RMP offers the best of today's hipster music and delves into the new hipster fashion front.
Soulglo FM Hosted by DJ Soulman: Ready for a night on the town but can's since you're on a job? Look no further than listening to Soulglo FM: Today and yesterday's trance will smooth your mood as you travel along Mill City's crazy, road rage laden streets.
Moody 107:Hosted by a computer: In Libery City, there was a lonely station called "The Journey." That tradition continues with ambient sounds to relax oneself after a hard night of robbing and pillaging.
Pop 92.5 :Hosted by Robbie Williams: Pop music that is local and global. Want to hear some Lady Gaga or Rihanna? We have it all including some of the 90s pop fun.
RHCP Radio: Hosted by Red Hot Chili Peppers: This station presents funk in all its forms. From soul funk to funk metal. It's all here and host Anthony K will read from his journal of his road escapades. These stories are not to be missed.
Tattered Blues 96.5:Hosted by Eric Clapton: Showcased in the heart of downtown Mill City comes the blusiest radio station in all the US. Are we overexagerrating? You be the judge as blues from early as the 1940s to today stream across your radio speakers.
CNT News: Now CNT has its own news station. Covering news all over the globe, news erupts every second. Don't miss one bit or we'll bite back.
Industrial Type FM: Hosted by Gary Numan: From NIN to Skinny Puppy, this is industrial at its heart. Our host Gary Numan is one crazy Brit and will regal the listener with stories of his long career. Be prepared for the whirlwind of a ride.
Seoul Sun:Hosted by DJ Crazy: Bringing a slice of South Korean culture in the US, this station offers music to the core of Ssang Dosi,our local Korean community,and abroad.
Ranchero Amor: Hosted by Dirty Sanchez: Mexican and Hispanic music ranging from traditional ranchero to some heavy metal. Don't let the name fool you. They play it all.
Celtic 95.5 : Hosted by Dropkick Murphy's : Abandon all hope and drink yourself to death while traditional celtc music to Irish punk plays while you are binge drinking. Remember not to get caught, you bugger.


Activities include:

1. white water rafting- this is a new concept to the GTA world and will keep the player in a fun state

2.golf- There are 4 full sized 18 hole golf courses located along the map. Feel free to play and even buy a membership once you gain those funds.

3.Tennis- Play with peds and even secondary characters with a new game of tennis. Serve with the best

4.Pool- play pool again but watch out for pool sharks this time. They are persistent to play against you.

5. Bowling - bowling is back . You can play on teams with peds now and even other teams on GTAO

6. Water skiing- this is new to GTA but you will find it fun as ped instructors drive you along all bodies of water on the map.

7. fishing- fishing was introduced as a ped activity in GTA V. Now the player can fish the open waters of the lakes,rivers, and ocean surrounding the map island.

8. hunting- hunting is now even more fun as you can now skin your game and sell the meat to the meat processors located all over the map

9. baseball- this concept is new to GTA. Play on a team with peds and even other players on GTAO. Just don't get too dirty in the dugout with the local slut.

10.strip clubs- Strip clubs are now more realistic with both topless and fully nude peds. Get lapdances and even possibly an STD from strippers as you shag them in your car and safehouse.Male strippers are introduced for the first time in a GTA game

11. theaters- when you are bored,,head to a movie. real life movies can be viewed from the theaters spread across the map.

12. taxi missions- need extra cash? Grab a taxi and move those passengers along to their destination to get some extra income.

13. boating- If you have a nice boat, female and male peds will flock to your boat and use your boat as a party boat. You make money for hosting party boats and can even engage in fun and shag both members of the opposite sex.

14. basketball- Basketball courts are located all throughout the map and you can play on teams.

15.diving- like GTA V, the waters of Mill City and Dale County are ready to be explored, You never know what treasures may be hidden in those deep waters,

16. Headhuntin'- You are given an option to go on a rampage to kill as many Headhuntaz gang members as possible in an allotted time

17. Smoking weed- Thanks to the legalization of marijuana in Mill City, you can openly smoke weed in public even in front of a police officer.

18. hit the gym- the gym is not free to use but you can build up muscle mass and strength to keep yourself in shape.

19. coke runs- Mill City celebrities need their fix and you can be runner for them and they will pay you grandly for their precious face candy.

20. heavy metal concerts- You can attend concerts and be a part of the show. Tickets for front row seats won't be cheap though


This is just a rough draft of my map. I will work on this more professionally soon when I get an idea of what software to use to create the real map.


About the map:

Darby Hills is a hilly region to the north. The region contains natural fauna, long stretching hills, beautiful ocean-viewing vistas, and the seaside town Darby. Darby is a quiet community with a small Amish population that dots along its farmlands.
Okee Highlands is a Native American controlled reservation area where the Dodge Casino is located. Many debtors to the casino do wind up missing so beware if you plan on gambling there.
Kempey is a flatland region where game is hunted during all seasons. Deer, cattle, coyotes, wolves, horses, and many other animals dot the landscape of this grassy region. There is a white supremacist gang in this part of the region so be careful if you are a minority.
Clarence Forest is a foresty region where trees dot every space of the land. Only an interstate highway crosses through this region. The forest is home to many animals, some that maim you and even eat you whole.
Clarence is southeast of the forest. It is composed of gorgeous beaches that rival Vespucci and Del Perro Beaches. The bold and beautiful of Mill City come to flock the beaches and spend time in historic Cable City where cable cars traverse all along the streets of the coastal town.
Between Clarence and Kempey lies the freshwater lake, Kempey Lake, in all its glory. The lake is home to walley and large population of crappies. Thankfully, lutefisk is not on the menu. Townhomes and affluent communities dot the whole lake. Tourists come to the lake for fun and amusement so take your party boat on the lake and let the good times roll
Lake Centaine Lacs is the largest inland body of water in all of the island. This ocean-like lake is so wide, one can not see the other side. Hence,the locals treat the lake as an ocean. Like Lake Kempey, some of the lake is dotted by affluent neighborhoods but the other side of the lake contains squatter settlements and the smell of dead fish rotting on the shore. Party boats can stay days on the lake since it is so large. Beware of the waves on stormy days. Your boat may even collapse if too many large waves crash onto the boat.
Poison Valley lies to the west of Lake Centaine Lacs. This valley is extremely hilly and wildlife roams all around the area. Hunting is not permitted on Sundays to a curse that is treated seriously by the locals. The small town of Dorner is the only settlement that is contained in this region. Dorner contains dillapated buildings and struggling businesses. The funding for this small town is running out soon.
Sheffield is a very upper crust community that is north of Mill City proper and south of Lake Centaine Lacs. This community is aristocratic and high class clubs permeate downtown of the small but immaculate town. Hipsters, old money, and new money populate this town. Mansion after mansion are dotted along the streets of this town. When one drives through Sheffield, a sense of feeling inferior comes into mind for the non-residents.
Home to Les Haversham
Drab Heights is south of the border between Clarence and Kempey. This region composes of beaches, shopping districts, parks, pet stores, and many more. Both Weasel and CNT offices are located here. The midwest branch of LifeInvader is located here too. This area is basically the uptown area of Mill City. The Mall Of Mill is located here and is the largest mall in the United States with 4 floors. One can walk around the mall or engage in the indoor rollercoaster or "The Hell Drop", a ride that lifts and drops its passengers many times.
Ivory Cub Lake is a lake located in the middle of the region of Drab Heights and consists of a small inland island called Cub Island. Cub Island is a party destination for hipsters and college frat and sorority members.Some high schoolers sneak to the parties too. Be up all night smoking and drinking, listening to music, and wear a lampshade on your head as you party the night away on Cub Island.
Here we come to the large metropolis of Mill City. Mill City was built on the backs of Irish laborers. The mill industry is a large commodity in this metropolis. Downtown Mill City consists of many skyscapers, business men and women, hobos, one way streets,and as much trash as one could find in a large city. Some of the older buildings are falling apart yet nothing is done about it. Commutes to the outer suburbs are hell and can cause congestion and the bad side of one's nerves.

I will finish the map tour later.



Edited by countrymike84

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This looks not bad. Good luck!

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Minneapolis and Mexico City? I hope to god you know Minnesota is right near the Canadian Border and Mexico City is in the middle of Mexico...

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This is a brand new city that mixes both cities. The Mexico City part is of the architecture of downtown and the squatter settlements located on the outer edges of the city. Dale County is the north part of the map. It has many small towns and a few lakes and rivers and a large lake called Lake Centaine Lacs based on Lake Mille Lacs in Minnesota.

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This is a brand new city that mixes both cities. The Mexico City part is of the architecture of downtown and the squatter settlements located on the outer edges of the city. Dale County is the north part of the map. It has many small towns and a few lakes and rivers and a large lake called Lake Centaine Lacs based on Lake Mille Lacs in Minnesota.

Lets see what the two cities look like:




Spanish architecture in the upper midwest? Perfect fit :sui:

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I mean this part of Mexico City:




and this part too:



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That's a bad mix in my opinion. And one more thing, about your radio stations:



Happy Hardcore...hardcore punk


Did you even put more than thirty seconds worth of thought into your radio stations? Apart from the majority of stations being heavily influenced on already-existing GTA stations (not only ripping one straight from Vice City), "Happy Hardcore" is a genre of Dutch Techno, and is far from punk rock, as somebody with fully functioning ears can most likely tell you:



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I thought more about this concept and am jotting down ideas. I really want to pitch this project to R or Ubisoft.

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Pooyan Cyrus

Send it to Ubisoft

It would be a good plan to destory the company and make it go into a bankruptcy! :lol: So the WatchDogs ends! :D

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Here is Lake Centaine Lacs concept: You think next gen can pull this type of width of water off?


Taken from the Alamo Marina in Sheffield.


Edited by countrymike84

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I really want to pitch this project to R or Ubisoft.


Implying Rockstar takes entire game ideas from fans or Ubisoft makes GTA games :dozing:

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Well at least a few of the concepts such as some of the activities I mentioned and a large ocean-like lake where people can gasp that is not the end of the map. I would like to pitch that to R. I would like to think they can use some of my concepts but you are right...the whole game would be overkill.

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