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Fame or Shame 100%-Gold (Top Speed)

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Okay, I want to complete Fame or Shame 100% Gold (I know I can just replay it and complete objectives separately, but f*ck that),

And I'm trying to reach the top speed of the Phantom (get 100%), but I can't do it with the Trailer attached, I keep getting 98% no matter how hard I try, I managed to get 103% with the trailer detached but I can't complete the mission with gold if I detach the trailer, so I am starting to wonder if it's even possible to get 100% Speed with the trailer attached.


Has anyone managed that?

I've seen a bunch of videos, but I still wonder...

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Hi lol have you managed to make it I've been trying for hours now and it seems all I can get is 98% speed any tips on this????

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Yes I actually succeeded... Took me 20 tries.

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On PC this mission is relatively easy, I got 103% speed with the trailer attached but on PS4 this mission is nightmarish to get gold on in one go. I hold down R2 all the way down without making the slightest adjustment on the left analog stick while I'm on Davis Ave. then I make a left turn on Little Bighorn Ave. without pressing L2, R1,  and holding R2 all the way down and I still get 98% or 95% on the Fastest Speed objective. Following Lazlow on the train tracks doesn't matter cause I've gotten 100% doing so before.


 Is Davis Ave. the best location to get the Fastest Speed objective or is someplace better that I'm not taking into consideration.


Is brake boosting possible with the Phantom I don't know to to brake boost at all but I'm willing to learn if it means getting gold on this mission consistently.


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