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Protagonists Fate (slight spoiler)

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What do you think happened to protagonists after their game? We know Vic and Johnny dies and Niko is referenced by Packie in Gta V. So what about the others?

Edited by alexsim7892

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Budweiser Addict

Vic- Well, we already know

Tommy- Probably continued to rule the Vice City underworld until he died from natural causes at and old age.

CJ- Probably didn't live too long afterwards. One of the biggest mob bosses on the east coast wanted him dead afterall.

Toni- Probably became the head of the Leones following Salvatore's death.

Claude- Can't even think of anything solid for him.

Niko- Despite Packie saying he's probably dead, I doubt it. Seeing as Niko's Lifeinvader suggests that both him and Roman are alive in 2013, he probably soon got over Kate's death, then he and Roman opened the bar Roman stated he wanted.

Johnny- We already know.

Luis- Probably took over Tony's clubs following him leaving LC. Despite not wanting to get into drugs, he probably used his connections to help A&H expand their drug network.

Huang- Not a lot that I can think of. He probably became head of the Triads.


assuming he lives

He probably retired and spent the rest of his life with his family.

Franklin- Made an early retirement, yet helping out with the hood when Lamar ended up getting them into deep sh*t again.


assuming he lives

Continued to expand Trevor Phillips Enterprises until he OD'ed on drugs.

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Pooyan Cyrus

My opinion:


III era


Claude: He's alive.

Tommy Vercetti: He had a "Vercetti Gang" band, so he would probably be killed in a gang war, or an ambush by Haitians.

Carl "CJ" Johnson: Gangs would die in any moment, but Carl's story has a difference: He was a young billionaire at the end of the SA's story, and money talks in this unkind world!

Tony Cipriani: He became the next mafia boss/don after Salvatore dead. He would either get killed by other Mafia families, or a young Leone mafia's capo, or he lived until he died for a natural reason, like a illness, being old, etc.

Victor Vance: Everybody knows, but I say this for people who haven't played VC. He dies on an ambush of Ricardo Diaz's people, while he was going to have a deal with Tommy Vercetti.


IV and V era

Niko Bellic: He isn't dead, according to his LifeInvader page, but Packie in GTA V references to him as someone dead. Personally, I believe in his LifeInvader page (wait! perhaps he's making posts from heaven!).

Johnny Klebitz: Murdered by Trevor Philips.

Luis Lopez: He's alive, probably.

Franklin Clinton: Alive, of course!

Michael De Santa: Maybe Franklin killed him, but if franklin didn't do this, Michael would probably get murdered while defending his family!

Trevor Philips: Even if Franklin didn't kill him, he won't live for a much long time, however, he's a drug addict!

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Claude - gets killed, considering how many people want him dead.

Tommy Vercetti - gets arrested and sentenced to life in prison in one of those luxurious cells.

CJ - goes straight and uses his wealth to make Ganton a better place.

Toni Cipriani - becomes the new boss of the Leone family and gets arrested.

Vic Vance - we know

Niko - tries to give up being a hired gun but I doubt he can actually do anything other than be one.

Johnny - we know

Luis - inherits Tony's clubs.

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