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80's music is the bomb

mr self destruct

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mr self destruct

I must say, over the past few years or so I have hated 80's music.  I hated the memories it brought back and such.  its not that I had a bad time in the 80's ....i was still pretty young.....but I just dont like thinking about them.  Then all of a sudden when I played my GTA:VC last night for the first time, and appreciated all the humor and mockary they have done of the 80's.....i really started to like the music a lot.  I kind of wish I would have bought the box set.  Just hearing these songs makes me remember so many things of days past!  Great songs!  like "Cars!"  by Gary Numan?  ugh.  i just cant even type all the stuff I love right now!  is anyone else really enjoying the whole 80's culture refresher here or am I just plain crazy!?

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Mr Self Destruct, dude, yeah man, I also hate my past. :D  But ya they did a kick ass job of making the 80's rule -- and choosing good music.


Now contrast this game with the stupid crap that tv gives us that's supposed to be nostalgiac like "that 70's show" or "that 80's show" and see the huuuuuuge world of difference.


Rockstar is very very in tune with the psyche of their target audience. I mean they can give us *exactly* what we want. And we didn't even know we wanted it before we got it hehe.

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What cracks me up is the fact that R* is made up of a bunch of Brits, and they came to Miami like a bunch of tourists with camcorders and disposable cameras to do research . . . and they still got it right!!!!!


I think I'm gonna buy the WildStyle FM soundtrack today after work . . .

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think of this you're in your helicopter and the sun sets and your flying in mid-air between scy scrapes seeing the cars drive, people on the sidewalk and you see the purple, red sky and you're listening to: "Cutting Crew - Died In Your Arms Tonight" can it get any better than this?



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i LOVE 80s music.  i keep driving around going, "OMG, i remember this song!" lol.  i'm going to grab some food and go back to playing now...

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I've tried not to look at the soundtrack..  I just want to catch each song as it comes and remember it all.  Man they have some awesome songs in this game so far.  Easily best gaming soundtrack EVER.

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