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'Pull one last favor' mission not appearing

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I'm just wondering if anyone is having this issue. I finished the game and I looking to finish any 'strangers and freaks' mission left. But there is one mission that wont appear...which is the final towing mission 'pulling one last favor'.

I tried calling her several time but it kept on going on voice mail and I read somewhere that you had to skip days to get the mission to appear but that didn't work either.

I read that when you finish that mission she tells you that she selling the towing place....I already bought that does that mean the mission wont ever appear. Or does it mean that I completed the mission without even doing it.


The Epsilon mission is the only mission I got left but the number on the stats page shows 18/20. It's like im missing a mission.

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A bunch of the Stranger and Freaks missions, including all but two 'Pulling Favors' missions, won't appear for me either.

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Call her is my answer to that

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She's not picking up her phone. What do I do now?

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Call her is my answer to that

I called her several times though she wont answer....this is pissing me off cuz I wont be able to get 100% completion because of this mission not appearing.

Edited by Spurg

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Hi, did you solved the mystery of missing this side-mission? I had the tonya icon on map but I decided to do this mission later and in the meantime I finished completing starship parts and letter scraps, after this Tonya icon dissapeared and now I have 99.5% and only this side-mission missing in my social club checklist. I tried several times to call Tonya but she always say "Tonya is busy...". What I have to do?

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Hi , Im having the same problem, I call and call the crackhead biyotch and it always goes to voicemail. I have been doing other missions with the other 2 chars, have finished the game, saved in a bed more than 25 times and the last towing mission will not appear,, I dont know what to do,, PLEASE SOME ONE HELP. !!! i dont want to start a new game this is the only mission Im missing for the 100 %..

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I figured this out. it's the same situation as the robes mission for the epsilon program - you have to wait 2 in game days from completion of the previous mission. I tried several of the tips on here and they didn't work so I figured id give it a shot and it did. idk if it works on all platforms but I play on ps4 and it works on that.

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