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Missed Mission - Fresh Meat



OK, here goes.......


So I played the mission where Michael meets Trevor next to the Grave of Brad, I completed the mission, Trevor flew back and Michael is captured. After this mission I quick saved and finished for the night.


Next day was Online Launch day, so I got home from work and though I'd give online a go, no luck so I returned to story, this is what confused me, when I returned to story mode I went straight to a cut scene with Michael walking out of a coffee shop and I thought, "have I missed something"?


So I just carried on and completed the story mode and let the credits roll last night, checking on social club I am missing one mission which I presume is 'Fresh Meat' and there is no option to replay the mission in the the pause menu.


Has anyone else had the same issue? Can anyone help me? Or is it just a case of playing through the game again?





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6 answers to this question

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Anyone else at all experienced anything like this??

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Yep... Except my missing mission is "Meltdown" for Solomon.




Apparently I missed "eye in the sky" for Devin also.

Edited by Spuds725

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Nightmare aint it, I bought a Helicopter with Franklin yesterday and it won't appear at the Helipad I also bought with Franklin.


Game is proper broken.............disappointing!!

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I have the same issue except my missing mission is "The Ballad of Rocco". Annoyingly im 98% complete!

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Pretty sure I'm just gonna have to start all over again to get to that 100%, it's not too bad a thought though seeing as it's such a good game, I suppose it's just another way of going through to try obtain golds on all missions instead of replaying them through the pause menu.

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Looks like its start all over again for me, no response from Rockstar after 4 days. Means I can now leave all the assassination missions until the very end and invest in some stocks n shares, get that golf club bought!!


Here we go again!!

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