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Modding vc whit nowdays tools?


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I know you yust got the game but i wanna know a few thingies bout modding it.

Can you extract the cars from a cd and view or change them in a ZModeler? Handeling? main.scm? Can you get to anything?

What i rrrrrrely need is  :r*:  AMERICAN.GXT  :r*: cos ill try to translate the whole thing (yust like i DID the whole gta3) into my home language, but now i hawe a chance to do it BEFORE the game arievs. So if you can get to this file id like it if you sent it to my mail (hope this is not ilegal :/ ) [email protected]


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Um, I dont know bout that, but good idea, I just dont think its possible, even If you could use Zmodler, GTAVC uses a special DVD disc, which im sure you cant get in stores, so lets say you modeled somthing, how do you put it back in the a DVD? thats the problem behind it

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Modding stuff is yus curiosity and prep for PC wersion.

As for AMERICAN.GTX im not going to put it back on the dvd or PS2 at all, im yust getting some advantage for the PC version. Cos the gta3 uses same lines for pc and PS versions, so basicly i need it now so when it comes out for pc i wont hawe a lot of translating to do, and ill be done by the time most people start playing it so they can play using my translation get it?

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