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Complete list of missions!


Recommended Posts

Here is a list of in VC, not includin taxi missions, police missions, pizaa mission ect. ENJOY. my fav is Dildo DoDo



The Lawyer: Rosenberg

- an old friend

- The party

- Back alley brawl

- Jury Fury

- Riot


The Colonel: Julian Garcia Cartez

-Treacherous Swine

- Mail Shootout

- Guardian angles


Coke Baron: Ricardo Diaz

-The Chase

- Phenom


The Colonel cont.

-Sir, yes sir

-All Hands on deck


Coke Baron cont.

-The Fastest boat

-Supply and Demand



-Death row

Rub out


bar brawl



Final Missions

cap the collector

keep your friends close




Avery Carrigton:

Four iron

Demolition Man

2 bit hit



Love Juice

Physco Killer



Publicity Tour



Road Kill

Waste the wife


check out of the check in

Loose ends


PORN EMPIRE: steve scott

Recruitment drive

dildo dodo

Marthas mug shot




stunt boat challenge

cannon fodder

naval engagement



Juju scramble

Bombs away

Dirty Lickins



Trojan Voodoo



checkpoint race




Friendly Rivalry




No escape

The shootist

the driver

the job



Gun Runner

Boomshire Saigon



spilling the beans

the courier

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Guns don't kill people, I do

Trojan Voodoo?! I can only imagine how cool that is gonna be, you'll probably drive into some place in a voodoo, so they let you in thinking you are one of them, then you wail on their asses once inside! YEAH :die:

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God Knows how excited and eager I am about getting this game!!!!!! I can't wait until I get off the bus!ah...

nuclear rips his hair out



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above the law

Isn't ther supposed to  be a mission called 'The gaurdian angel'?

There was a thread about that mission and no it's not even on the list. :dontgetit:

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Guns don't kill people, I do
Isn't ther supposed to  be a mission called 'The gaurdian angel'?

There was a thread about that mission and no it's not even on the list. :dontgetit:

Yeah, I was wondering that too...

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21 main missions.

-37 asset missions yes they are as completx as main story (i think)

-odd jobs:


pizza dilivery





chopper checkpoint



shooting range

lots of chopper missions(4)

icecream man

demo derby and\arena missionsrc missions\too

with street race missions

-36 uninique jumps

-35 rampages



other missions unmentioned above

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