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1v1 deathmatch ?

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Ok, so when i get killed by some little twat while i'm trying to recover my personal vehicle from the police impound, there is a option to "request" a 1v1 deathmatch with the person who killed you.


I was under the impression that, They could not refuse that request, so that you have a chance to get some revenge/money back.


I just go about my own business, not shooting at anyone else (unless in a mission that requires it) and there is nothing i can do in return agains't the twat that killed me, without getting that Bad sport label myself.

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You could start a dm and invite only that person but they can still decline

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Heres a thought. Find the prick and kill him! I don't understand how people don't think they won't be killed in this game. What you thought it was going to be a hugging session and only co-op missions. Grow a pair and fight back.

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Ravey Davey

All other players appear on the mini-map as white dots don't they? I very quickly learned to avoid other players when a seemingly friendly crew invited me to join them for my first mission (the drug pick up) and proceeded to find me and murder me repeatedly after the mission was over! Lol

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You only get bad sport if you constantly kill people for no reason. If you just kill him like once or twice in revenge you'll be fine.

Whenever someone kills me while I'm minding my own business I go and show my true gta form and either go 100mph and slam

into them with my car or go stealth mode and ambush when he starts coming towards me.

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