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Pooyan Cyrus

Grand Theft Auto: Ultimate

Recommended Posts

Pooyan Cyrus



Proudly, Best Concept Story of the year 2013


2013, October 10th: The logo and first whits of information added
2013, October 11th: Some headers changed (Refresh to see new ones), Added info on "Annawan", "Robada" and "Liberty State", San Andreas map added.
2013. October 15th: Moved the "Location" section to another post, First mission of the game added, Map of Liberty State, Alderney, and Annawan added.
2013, October 18th: Info on Missions and Vehicles added, Ultimate's wiki announced, First post turned into the index
2013, October 23rd: 4 Storyline missions and one Side mission added.
2013, October 24th: Added a storyline mission, changed the logo and added a picture to first post, saying it's available on 6 systems
2013, October 30th: Added four storyline mission, Episodic storyline revealed, Info on dealing minigame added to "Gameplay" section
2013, November 1st: Info on the 8 episodes arrived, Added "Vice City, Greenblades, and the Vice Links" map
2013, November 4st: 4 new missions
2013, November 6st: Added Robada's map, Changed "Story of a Darkle" into "Frost Bite" and added info on "North Yankton" and "Maxie" states
2013, November 7th: 4 new missions, "Radio Stations" section started with 17 stations and 2 Playlists
2013, November 8th: Lots of info on Radio added
2013, November 11th: More info on Radio stations added, 6 new missions added and ending of "The Escape" revealed
2013, November 12th: "Achievements" section started, Added "Latino FM" and "Electri-City" playlists
2013, November 14th: Added Maxie's map
2013, November 20th: Playlists for 2 radio stations added, "Radio Cowboy" announced, Added many new Gameplay features and HUD features of the game
2013, November 30: Added info on 6 websites
2013, December 1st: Updated Vehicles list, thanks to CantThinkOfOne2013
2013, December 11th: Updated "Activities and Side Missions" list, Added first mission of "Casino Addict" episode
2013, December 12th: Added second mission of "Casino Addict"
2013, December 13th: Changed San Andreas and Robada map, added some achievements
2013, December 18th: Added Playlist for "WorldWide HipHop" Radio station and added "Radio Sense" logo
2013, December 26th: Added 3 "Casino Addict" missions
2013, December 30: Added 4 "Casino Addict" missions
2013, Last Day: Added last missions of "Casino Addict"
2014, First Day: North Yankton Info and Map added, "Merry Christmas" Picture, Captainstate Info Added
2014, January 2nd: Added 10 Activities
2014, January 3rd: Added 3 "Bitten and Risen" missions and 3 "Whiteland, NY" Heists, Added "The Escape" episode's theme song
Added 3 "Bitten and Risen" missions
2014, January 4th: 3 "Bitten and Risen" missions, Updated Characters Section
2014, January 5th: HUD updated, Phones added, Episodes info changed, Characters section updated. Refresh the first page to see new images
2014, January 6th: 4 new missions of "Bitten and Risen" added
2014, January 7th: 4 new missions of "Bitten and Risen" added
2014, January 8th: "Bitten and Risen" episode finished
2014, January 10th: 10 new activities added
2014, January 18th: First mission of short episode "Last Week" added
2014, January 19th: Two TV Channels added, "Characters" section updated, "Maxie" and "Captainstate" maps updated
2014, January 21th: A new mission of "Last Week" added
2014, January 24th: 2 new missions of "Last Week" added
2014, February 2nd: Two more missions of "Last Week" arrived
2014, February 6th: Last Week's 7th mission is added
2014, February 14th: Last Week's 8 and 9 (its last missions) added
2014, June 13th: An update after a long time; Added Info on Television Channels
2014, June 15th: Added 6th mission of "Black Mob Story"
2014, June 16th: Added info on Melee weapons and Handguns, Added playlist of "Radio Sense", Added playlist of "Polish Northwest" thanks to phoenixShine
2014, June 19th: Added "FACADE Fhone 940" to the phones in gameplay section, Added a lot more weapons
2014, June 20: Added 8th mission of "Black Mob Story", Updated Achievements section, Came up with a poll!
2014, June 21st: Added 9th mission of "Black Mob Story"
2014, June 22nd: Some changes in "Editions of the game", 10th and 11th missions of "Black Mob Story"
2014, June 23rd: 2 new songs in "WorldWide HipHop"
2014, June 25th: Added 12th mission of "Black Mob Story", Introduced a new gameplay feature named "Temporary Switch"
2014, June 30: 2 new websites, Added timeline of the story
2014, July 3rd: 13th mission of "Black mob story" has arrived, Added "Drive-by" to the list of gameplay features.
2014, July 7th: 14th mission of "Black Mob Story" is online now
2014, July 12th: Added 15th mission of "Black Mob Story"
2014, July 17th: Added last mission of "Black Mob Story"
2014, July 19th: 2 New Achievements, "Weapons" are completed finally
2014, July 24th: Completed Radio Stations' Playlists
2014, July 25th: Published First Mission of "Hot Wheels" Episode, Updated Characters' Section
2014, July 28th: Added second mission of "Hot Wheels", Changed "Updates" list so it only shows 3 latest updates, Added an Online gameplay feature and updated "Gameplay" section
2014, August 4th: Added 3rd mission and first race of "Hot Wheels", Published first version of "Gangs Database"
2014, August 8th: Added 4th mission and 2nd race of "Hot Wheels", Updated "Characters" section
2014, August 15th: Updated Gangs Database
2014, August 17th: Added 5th Mission of "Hot Wheels"
2014, August 21st: Added 6th Mission of "Hot Wheels"
2014, September 1st: Added 7th mission of "Hot Wheels"
2014, September 10th: Added 8th mission of "Hot Wheels"

2014, September 19th: Added 9th mission of "Hot Wheels"

2014, September 21th: A HUGE update to Radio Stations

2014, October 3rd: Added 10th mission and 3rd race of "Hot Wheels"

2014, October 12th: Added first official Trailer information of the game named "The Heartbeat"

2014, October 17th: Added 4th race of "Hot Wheels", Updated information on "Project Heartbeat"

2014, October 31st: Added 5th race of "Hot Wheels"

2014, November 9th: Added 11th mission and 6th race of "Hot Wheels"

Added 7th Race of "Hot Wheels"

2014, November 26th: Added 12nd mission of "Hot Wheels"


2014, December 18th: Added 13th mission and 8th race of "Hot Wheels"

2014, December 22nd: Updated "dat Hip-Hop 99.4" radio station with some new songs and a lot of radio dialogs

2015, January 3rd: Added 14th mission of "Hot Wheels"


A Concept By



special thanks to


Niko Vercetti 112















Edited by PooyanCyrus
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Pooyan Cyrus



Location of this game is the America, the whole country. Containing famous states like State of Capitol, San Andreas, Annawan and lots of more places to see, America will satisfy you. A brief description about states comes here, alongside their maps:


Map coming soon


Capital C.T. is capital city of the country. Don't get it confused with State of Capital. It's also home to country's government and the White Place.



Enjoy the extreme countryside and big, crowded cities here! San Andreas contains Blaine County, Los Santos County, Los Santos, San Fierro, and the Whetstone. Robada, is the sister of San Andreas. Lots of mounts and desert and countryside, and also the Las Venturas, gambling capital of the world, lay here.




Vice City and the Vice keys are waiting for you. Go there to see palm trees, water, palm trees, beaches, and palm trees, you can also find some old fat people who have confused memories of 80's there, singing old latin songs.



You'll never find such a worse state anywhere else. Annawan is where Carcer City with its awful streetmap sleeps just in right side of Wintown, but finding a green place like Suburbs near these cities, makes your mouth open from side to side.




This state is home to enthusiast Liberteens in Liberty State and undead people in Alderney. Biggest city of the America, Liberty City, is also here. These states are so tight to each other so you don't need plane to travel between them.



Most Peaceful state of the midwest, which is near Canada border, and also the Ice Capital of America! There are three towns, some villages, a big village named "Downhill", the "Icebabe" mount and also a long road (takes 15 in-game minutes) to the state of Maxie. In the north, there is a way to Canada, but be sure, you'll never go there illegally, alive!



If you're hungry for danger, here's home to the danger. San Alfredo, Douglas and Bestown, the three cities of the state, are best places to die in! Also, don't forget to check Maxie Side Country, the Midway town and other villages out.

Note: For those who want to know about size of Maxie's map, it's the same as San Andreas State.



Work in Progress Map

A mid-sized state in west side of America. Captainstate is sometimes confused to Capital C.T. but it has nothing to do with it. Captainstate has three cities and one of them is very famous: Emerald. Emerald City is where the "Retroware" company is located it, and it has a long Communication Tower.

Edited by PooyanCyrus
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Pooyan Cyrus



An exciting life of crime, isn't just for one man, or a single person.

It's what many people enjoy, over here in The America, the country with worst police officers and most violent criminals.

Stay here for some time, and you'll see what's crime like.

This is the "Utimate" Grand Theft Auto game.

Promotions and Advertising

October - November 2016

Part #1 - Project Heartbeat

Project Heartbeat contains first official trailer of game and an advertisement picture.



Jimmy Brad
Appeared in: First episode of the game "The Escape" as protagonist
A 20-year old criminal, leaving from Liberty City to Wintown. His helicopter, unfortunately, falls on a junkyard in Carcer City, instead of landing in Wintown. And that's when he starts to find his way in unkind America and becomes a master in crime. But, this is how his story... You'll later find he's just a Diplomats' hitman...

Carl Bateson
Protagonist and Boss
Appeared in Episodes "The Escape" and "Black Mob Story" as protagonist, Could be your protagonist at last mission
Carl is a friend of Jimmy. He has helped him in some robberies before, and meets Jim again in Wintown. Since then, he becomes your second playable character, while he gives some missions to Jimmy.

Jack Wiley
Appeared in "Casino Addict" Episode as Protagonist
A rich gambling addict in LV. He loses money in events of the game, but rises again.

Chin Ho Lee
Appeared in "Bitten and Risen" as Protagonist
He's a 27-year-old Korean guy who has done a heist in Broker, Liberty State and escaped from there alongside his friend, Tim Texas. In 2011, he had a tight relationship with Lost MC and both of them helped, but 2 years later, with Johnny K's death everything got finished. He takes revenge of Johnny, in "Bitten and Risen" episode.

Tim Texas
Appeared in "Bitten and Risen" as Protagonist
He's son of a Iranian dad and an American mother, born in San Alfredo, Maxie. He helps Chin Ho rise to the top, while goes to the top himself. He gets revenge from his father's killer, while he didn't love his father too much. However, He becomes a Drug dealing master also.


Phil Berlitz


Appeared in "Last Week" as Protagonist

He's a proper German boy, but he's born in Los Santos and his father has gave him an english name. He's 24 years old, now that you see him. He's a big fan of Hip-Hop and Rap, and wears baggy clothes to prove this! He usually listens to "Worldwide Hip-Hop" on car and has many Hip-Hop and Rap songs on his phone.


Kate Perdue
Boss and Protagonist

Appeared in episodes "Black Mob Story" as Boss and in "Hot Wheels" as protagonist

She's a pretty cute girl. Many boys look for her, but she finally gets into a relationship with Alfie, the funny British guy. She's a great driver and Pistol Shooter.


Alfie Granville
Boss and Protagonist
Appeared in episodes "The Escape", "The Chase" and "Hot Wheels"
He's the guy who steals Carl's money in first episode of the game. He also gives Jim and Carl some missions. He's a protagonist in 6th episode, "Hot Wheels".

Jin-Ho Cheon
Appeared in "Bitten and Risen" as boss
He's Liberty City's Korean Mob boss. He's 57 years old and father of Jiyoung, Chin's girlfriend.

Jing Liang
Appeared in "Casino Addict" Episode as Boss
Owner of "Dicers' Casino" in LV, with motto "Dice is as Nice as Rice". He's a rich chinese man, who tries to back-stab Jack, and doesn't know Jack is biggest danger in the state. He's too unlucky to killed by his son.

Chao Liang
Appeared in "Casino Addict" as a boss and an enemy. He kills his father to own his properties, but revenge is always an object.

Appeared in "The Escape" episode as boss
He's a kind man, who owns a junkyard at Carcer City, and helps you find your way to the top. He's 47 years old and is your first boss in the game's events.
Claude in this game, doesn't have anything to do with Claude from GTA3, however, he has a black leather jacket, which may remind you of him.

Appeared in "The Escape" episode
A famous drug dealer in Annawan, who becomes manage Jimmy's drug warehouse.

Paulo Bozetto
Appeared in "Casino Addict"
He tries to be a backstabber, but doesn't know how to do that!

Tracey De Santa
Appeared in "Bitten and Risen" and "Black Mob Story"
She's a famous TV star who pays gangs and criminals to do dirty things she couldn't do. She thinks murderer of his dad, Michael, was Trevor so pays two criminals to kill him.

Peter Bohan
Appeared in "Bitten and Risen"
He's a - I could say - good guy. He helps Tim become a dealer and does what says. He isn't a liar, and hates police, also.


Victor Beverly


Appeared in "Last Week"

He's a british businessman, living in Emerald City. He and Travis Clifford are partners in their criminal acts. He has earned a lot of money in Drug business, but now that Phil asks him for money, he doesn't have even half of that, because of a recent ambush. So he tries to make some money from dealing in another way, but it's a fail, again.


Travis Clifford


Appeared in "Last Week"

He's a bent cop, a member of Emerald City Police Department. He does more criminal acts than any man in Emerald City Prison, and never gets busted. This guy, tries to do something smart in Port Santos deal (which you could find out more about it at "Last Week"'s first mission), but actually f*cks everything up!


Matthew Carling


Appeared in "Last Week"

He's Phil's real friend. He works at his own car destruction place, and sells car parts to earn money. He helps Phil gain money when he's in need. Anyway, a good fate isn't what everybody has...


Bob Andreas


Appeared in "Last Week"

Bob lives in Vantucky, near the Canada border. He has a good drug relationship with "Tuckies" gang and is an expert drug dealer. He was a close friend of Matthew Carling. He helps Phil in finding Mat's murderer.


Fred Victoria


Appeared in "Last Week" and "Black Mob Story"

He's head of Gems gang in Captain Ports, CS. His gang have a deal with Phil at start of Last Week, which gets ambushed. His gang wear blue and usually drive Infernus. Yes, they're a rich gang!


Paul Walden


Appeared in "Black Mob Story" and "Fun and Sun"

He's a very important member in Black Mob, after Carl. He also has many freshmen in east coast and Vice City.


Kyle the Bomb


Appeared in "Black Mob Story"

His family name is unknown, however, his nickname is Bomb.


Stephan White


Appeared in "Black Mob Story" and "Hot Wheels"

EastRedds' sniper, who later became BlackMob's sniper, and thus stood on his own feet after planning to kill Carl Bateson. He's a wise criminal guy who knows how to kill an enemy.


Chris Selter


Appeared in "Black Mob Story"

Uptown Liberty EastRedds' leader. His name is usually spelled "Kris" for an unknown reason. However, you could find some old grafittis in Uptown Liberty and Northern Alderney saying "ReddKris".


Andre Thompson


Appeared in "Hot Wheels"

He's an African-American boy living in Los Santos. He's a talented Drifter and is very famous between The America's professional racers. He's 48 years old in 2014.


Whook Tae


Appeared in "Hot Wheels"

He's a hardcore Triad driver, who has - strangely - a Korean name. He seemed to be Alfie's biggest rival, but they team up together later.




Appeared in "Hot Wheels"

She's an about-30 woman, whom we don't know her family name. She's Kate's boss after Kate left Black Mob. However, Kate just works for Martha's money, and will not rely on her for long time.


M 'Jay' C


Appeared in "Hot Wheels" and "Fun and Sun"

He's a black San Fierro thug. He's planning on becoming a name rapper and is collecting money for starting his own Record Label and sign his freestyle-freak friends to it. That's the main reason for him to join Kate Perdue, Alfie Granville and Whook Tae in their big bank heist plan.


Hector Vance

Minor Character

Appeared in "Black Mob Story" and "Fun and Sun"

A 28-year-old half-breed guy, who was born from a Mexican mother and a Dominican father.

Huang Lee
Minor Character
Appeared in "Bitten and Risen"
Huang, the protagonist of Chinatown Wars, is now back but as an antagonist! He steals Peter and Tim's drug ship and kidnaps Chin's girlfriend and... Dies bad, really bad!

Jiyoung Cheon
Minor Character
Appeared in "Bitten and Risen"
She's a 22-year old Korean girl and she's Chin Ho Lee's girlfriend. She gets kidnapped by Huang Lee in events of "Bitten and Risen".

Jock Cranley
Minor Character
Referenced in TV channels and "The Escape" episode
He's never seen through the events of the game, he's just referenced. He's killed by Jim Brad, the first protagonist of the game.

Michael De Santa
Minor Character
Referenced in "Bitten and Risen" episode
He's never seen through the events of the game, he's just referenced. He has been killed by somebody, however it's somehow unknown. His murderer may be Franklin Clinton.

Trevor Philips
Minor Character
Appeared in "Bitten and Risen" episode
He pays for his sins in this game! Tim, son of Mehdi Zarei, and Chin, Johnny klebitz's friend kill him for revenge.

Mehdi Zarei
Minor Character
Referenced in "Bitten and Risen" episode
He's father of Tim Texas, who left his fanily when Tim was 6. He is killed by trevor.

Fernán the Fuerte
Minor Character
Appeared in first episode, "The Escape"
Fernán is boss of the Wintown Fuerte gang. He will be killed by Carl Bateson in events of the game.

Dave ST

Minor Character

He's a fictional in-game rapper. Some of his music videos can be seen through MVC channel. He has a long history of dissing Madd Dogg and diss-backing his tracks.


More info on Characters coming frequently, alongside new missions...



This is first chapter of the game. Theme of the chapter is "Escape", like the name says. It's about what happened to Jimmy Brad after he killed Jock Cranley and his life in the State of Annawan.


Missions 1 - 5

Missions 6 - 9

Missions 10 - 13

Missions 14 - 17

Missions 18 - 23



Taking place in the State of Robada and San andreas, second episode of GTA:Ultimate is about gambling and how cheap is money, in gambling capital of world, the city of Las Venturas. Don't forget to check out the Area 69, and make sure you come outta there alive!

Missions 1 - 2

Missions 3 - 5

Missions 6 - 9

Missions 10 - 17


A story from Midwest. Here's where a good team could beat both coasts.

Missions 1 - 3

Whiteland Heists

Missions 4 - 6

Missions 7 - 9

Missions 10 - 13

Missions 14 - 17

Missions 18 - 20


You don't have much time: Just a week! Will you make the money needed, in just seven days?! This is a story about pursuit of money, in the Captainstate, and in most exciting way possible!


Mission 1

Mission 2

Missions 3 - 4

Missions 5 - 6

Mission 7

Mission 8 - 9


"Black Mob Story" is story of founding a new mobster band around the Liberty State, Alderney, and Annawan. An exciting enough story to make you play it for hours!


Mission 1

Mission 2

Mission 3

Mission 4 - 5

Mission 6

Mission 7

Mission 8

Mission 9

Mission 10 - 11

Mission 12

Mission 13

Mission 14

Mission 15

Mission 16


Have hot illegal street races in this episode of the game! Lots of exciting races all over the America and infinite hours of drifting, and trying to have more speed. Alfie, who most racers refer to as "Wannabe British Guy" has discovered that he can make more money from racing, than being a thief, and wants to make money of each mile of Country.


Mission 1

Mission 2

Mission 3 + Race 1

Mission 4 + Race 2

Mission 5

Mission 6

Mission 7

Mission 8

Mission 9

Mission 10 + Race 3

Race 4

Race 5

Mission 11 + Race 6

Race 7

Mission 12

Mission 13 + Race 8

Mission 14


More missions will come frequently...


"Hey yo America! Yo my love! Watch Me Come Up!" This was what Pablo Moreno told himself when he left Cuba. At that time, he wasn't a thug at all, but living in Vice City, made him have to!



8th episode of the game, is story of a young IAA team hacker. He lives in Capital C.T. and so that he knows a lot about government, the IAA and FIB's plans and lots of more top secret information. But, is he a dependable person for government?









Gangs Database


Angels of Death MC
Favorite Color: Gray/Black
Boss: Lester Arnold
Location: Liberty, Alderney and Annawan States, Vice City
Enemy: Lost MC
Started in 1972
You probably know them! Biggest enemy of the Lost MC, and most powerful MC gang in The America.
Armenian Mafia
Favorite Color: Brown
Boss: Unnamed
Location: Los Santos, San Andreas and Morocco, Liberty State
Enemy: Madrazo Cartel
Started in 1997
They have never had much power and importance, however, they've remained alive over the time. They have, to be honest, nothing in the world except a little turf.
Favorite Color: Turquoise
No Specified Boss
Location: Los Santos, San Andreas
Enemy: Mara Bunta Grande
Started in 1963
Aztecas mostly love driving. They have a fine friendship with Vagos unlike their past days, and always talk about their plans to get more turf, especially when they're on hangovers!
Favorite Color: Violent Purple
No Specified Boss
Location: Los Santos, San Andreas
Enemy: Families & Vagos
Started in 1969
They're violent like their clothes. They're one of ancient gangs of Los Santos, but have became weaker and weaker by pass of the time.
Black Mob
Favorite Color: Black
Boss: Carl Bateson
Location: Liberty and Alderney States
Enemy: FIB
Started in 2014
Starting this gang, was biggest effort in Carl's life. This gang is ran by Carl and Kyle (the Bomb). After death of Kris (EastRedds' Boss), they became powerful because all Redds joined them. They have a very few number of members in "The Five Mobsters", as EastRedds did before them.
Favorite Color: White and Red
No Boss
Location: Vice City
Enemy: Haitians
Started in 1979
They're strong drug dealers. Their most mentionable member is Pablo Moreno, protagonist of "Fun and Sun" episode. They have an ancient rivalry with Haitians.
Da Nang Thang
Favorite Color: White
Boss: Unnamed
Location: San Andreas and Robada States
Enemy: Triads
Started in 1964
They're some of Vietnamese people who live in San Andreas and Robada, came together making a strong physical force, and rule there. Their focus is mostly on San Fierro, where they have an ancient rivalry with The Triads.
Favorite Color: Red
Boss: Unknown
Location: Liberty and Alderney States
No Enemies
Started in 1999, Ended in 2014
They were one of most powerful gangs in East Coast, but after death of their leader, Kris, they all went to pieces and most of them joined the new Black mob, started by Carl Bateson.
Favorite Color: Green
No Specified Boss
Location: Los Santos, San Andreas
Enemy: Ballas
Started in 1972
They're one of most famous gangs in Los Santos. However, they aren't as powerful as they were in 90's.
The Five Mobsters
No Favorite Color
Boss: Shared between five people
Location: Las Venturas, Robada
No Enemies
Started in 1969
This isn't really a gang. They're members of five mafia families, who live in different states, but have a united place here: The Venturas Strip. They don't have lots of bodyguards and guns, but hire people for part-time. They mostly wear a formal outfit: A white shirt, a gray jacket on it, and a pair of gray pants.
The members are from:
  1. Armenian Mafia - 13% - They're Bodyguards mostly
  2. Korean Mob - 17% - They have different roles, one of three bosses are also Korean.
  3. Triads - 32% - Most of members are Chinese Triads, one three bosses are also Chinese.
  4. Italian Mob - 28% - Some of members are Italians, they support the Mafia with money, third boss is Italian.
  5. Black Mob (EastRedds before 2014) - 10% - They're not important members. Some of them are bodyguards, others are dealers.
The Fuertes
Favorite Color: Red
Boss: Fernan, the Fuerte
Location: Annawan State
Enemy: WinThugs
Started in 1997
These guys are extremely dangerous. They never chase somebody, or torture, they just kill. This gang is based in Annawan State and have almost full control of Wintown and Carcer City.
Favorite Color: Pale Blue
No Boss
Location: Vice City
Enemy: Cubans
Started in 1980
They own two boatyards and have a territory next to Cubans. Their battles with Cubans are famous and they try to kill Pablo Moreno many times.
Korean Mob
No Favorite Color
Boss: Jin-Ho Cheon
Location: Liberty and Alderney States & Little Seoul (Los Santos)
Enemy: The Triads
Started in 1965
They're Korean guns living in San Andreas and Liberty City. Their power is mostly in Liberty City and Alderney, where lots of Koreans are ready to pay their life for getting money. They're one of "The Five Mobsters".
Lost MC
Favorite Color: Black
Boss: 2 unnamed people, one in LS and one in AL
Location: Los Santos and San Fierro, Alderney and Annawan States
Enemy: Angels of Death MC
Started in 1993
Although they aren't as powerful as Angels of Death MC, they do their try.
Madrazo Cartel
Favorite: Varies, Some of them wear blue
Boss: Unnamed
Location: Southern San Andreas
Enemy: Armenian Mafia
Started in 2003
They aren't very powerful in gang battles and street stuff, but they've focused on dealing for some time, and they're becoming rich.
Mara Bunta Grande
Favorite Color: Blue
Boss: Unknown
Location: Los Santos, San Andreas
Enemy: Aztecas & Vagos
Started in 2004
Mara's aren't very important gangs, to be honest. Their turf in Vespucci Beach is now dominated by Families and they're becoming weaker and weaker everyday.
No Favorite Color
Boss: Unnamed
Location: Los Santos, San Andreas
Enemy: Mara Bunta Grande
Started in 1993
They fight anybody they see, actually, they're maddest gang in the whole world, because they don't have much power, but fight 24/7.
The Triads
Favorite Color: Black in San Fierro, others don't have a special color
Boss: Unknown
Location: Liberty, San Andreas and Robada states
Enemy: Da Nang Thang, Korean Mob
Started in 1961
This is an extremely dangerous gang straight from China, formed more like a mafia family. The boss was Jing Liang, before his son, Chao Liang killed him. They have a long-lasting rivalry with Da Nang Thang and Korean Mob since 1965, and their focus is on Liberty City, after San Fierro. They're one of "The Five Mobsters".
Favorite Color: Yellow
No Specified Boss
Location: Los Santos, San Andreas
Enemy: Ballas
Started in 1969
These spanish guys aren't as tough as Ballas, but they'll come harder than Rock when you
start a battle with them. They have a good relationship with Families.
Italian Mob
Favorite Color: Blue
Boss: Unnamed
Location: Vice City
Enemy: Haitians
Started in 1984
They are a powerful gang, open to dealing, and have a long-time friendship with Cubans. Their bosses' identity has remained a secret since 1990, when their first boss was killed. They're one of "The Five Mobsters".
Favorite Color: Lime Green
Boss: Unknown
Location: Wintown, Annawan
Enemy: Fuertes
Started in 2004
They've always been under threat of Fuertes. They don't have much power, but usually hang around 'Brooks Park' in Wintown, Alderney.





Timeline of the Story:

2013 October

Episode #1. The Escape

2013 November

Episode #3. Bitten and Risen

Episode #4. Last Week

2013 December

Episode #2. Casino Addict

2014 February

Episode #5. Black Mob Story

2014 July

Episode #6. Hot Wheels

2014 September

Episode #7. Fun and Sun

2014 December

Episode #8. The CHASE

2015 January

Final Mission of the Grand Theft Auto : Ultimate

2015 March Until first refresh...

Storyline of online part of the game, which to be more specific isn't really a story - it's just how players progress through The America -, starts from 2015 March. Every four years, R* refreshes the Online servers (which happen at same time with New GTA titles' release), and all crews and players should start it from zero.

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Pooyan Cyrus



Game Modes

Story Mode: With a wide variety of missions, lots of side activities for each city, heists, deals, robberies and many more things to do, you'll not have time to play online, because even the regular game amuses you forever!
Online Mode: The matured GTA:Online is waiting for you! Every city has 15 missions which you should do alongside your crew. All the side activities of Regular mode are available in this mode. But the new, revolutionary, legendary in this mode of the game is that, all people in the country are real players! Join the large community of GTA players and have infinite hours of fun!

Activities and Side Missions


Red Color: Online-only

Turquoise Color: Story-Only

Purple Color: Available in both modes

1. Taxi Driver
Once you get in a cab or taxi car, you're able to active the Taxi Driver mission and start to taking fares. There are 10 levels of this mission in each city, you should take one V.I.P and 9 other regular fares to pass each level. Reward for passing each level is 5000$ and When you finish the 10th level, you get a 50000$ reward from Cab Company.
Reward for completing all taxi driver missions of the game is 100000$.

2. Firefighter
Once you get in a firetruck, you're able to active the Firefighter mission and start to extinguishing fire by talking with Firefighters. Each city has 10 levels of firefighter mission. You should calm 10 fires in the city to pass each level. Reward for each level is 10000$ and reward for completing 10 levels of each city is 60000$.
Reward for completing all firefighter missions of the game is 100000$.

3. Vilginate
Some cops in Police Departments of each city, could have conversations with you. They sometimes ask you for doing a job for them, and getting some cash instead. If you answer them positive, you'll wear Cop Outfit and get a Police Vehicle and start Killing - or sometimes busting - criminals around the city.

4. Healthcare
Once you get in an Ambulance, you're able to active the healthcare mission and start to treat injured people in the streets.
It has 10 levels in each city. You should treat 10 people to pass each level. After completing each level, you get a reward of 10000$. Passing all 10 levels of each city, results in a reward 60000$ and you'll get a 100000$ reward for completing all healthcare missions of the game.

5. Street Races
Each city, except the Capital CT, has 10 street races. Reward for winning each street race is 20000$ and winning all 10 races of each city has a reward of 100000$. Also, you'll get 500000$ for winning all races of the game.

6. Rampages
With 20 rampages on each state, blood is something you'll see a lot here, even if you don't want!

6. Unique Jumps
There is a total of 199 Unique jumps in the game, and 100 of them can only be done with a motorcycle or bike.

7. Dealing Minigame
Like what you saw in GTA: Chinatown Wars, this game also features a dealing minigame, but not a artwork-based one like in Chinatown Wars. This is a HD version of dealing minigame and you it features:
Weed, Ecstasy, Downers, Coke, Acid, LSD and Heroin.
You're also able to deal Viagra in some drugstores.

8. Yoga
Yoga part of the game works the same as GTA V.

9. Bowling
This isn't the same as IV, now, shockers/mouse have more and better controls. There are many places to play Bowling in, like sport clubs in San Andreas and Liberty State.

10. Tennis
Progressed since GTA V, and optimized to play on touch screens, Tennis makes a nice comeback in GTA:Ultimate.

11. Poker
You could play poker in Las Venturas casinos, and also with people in the street who would even bet on their wife!

12. Billiards
Many sport clubs have this minigame, many cafes and restaurants and even casinos have this.

13. Money Gambling
You could bet on some money in Las Venturas casinos. Sports games are most likely things to bet about.

14. Custom Music
There's a part in "Music" app of in-game phone, named "Get". From this part, you could download all the songs used in past GTAs, which is a new option added by Rockstar.

15. Online Radio Streams
Rockstar has made some Online Streams which are mostly available 18 hours a day and they repeat past programs in rest of the days. You could listen these streams using the phone's "Radio" app.

16. iFruit and Roboto
There are two types of phone available to buy in game. One is "iFruit" made by Fruit Computers, and the other one is "Roboto" made by Evle. They're references to Apple iPhone and Google Android.

17. Smartphone Apps
Some businesses around the city offer apps, which you could install on your phone. Some of them are "Evle Now", "Ammunation.net", "evail", and many more. More apps come as DLC packs.

18. Surfing the net
You can go to Internet and websites using your phone, laptop or the PC you have at your home. If you haven't bought any of them (which is almost impossible) you can go to [email protected] internet cafes to have a look at online world.

19. Strip Clubs
The same we had at V. Look at it as a 2019 game, the strategic areas have better graphics now!

20. Prostitutes
You can own them for some hours, however, this is just wasting time, because R* will never show the real thing to you, instead, you get a landscape of the city!

21. Pets
Jack Wiley, protagonist of "Casino Addict" has a West Highland Terrier dog, and other protagonists could also buy/sell pets.

22. Animals in Forests and Countryside
There are many new animals in countryside, like Snakes which are only found in Maxie Side Country, and Tigers and Lions. Also some strange animals with strange body shapes are in Area 69, in glass cages.

23. Working
You could work in some places. For example, sawing wood in Sawmills in countryside, or driving a Tractor in Farms.

24. Bones and Skulls
The WAV and Weazel have a breaking news when you start the game: "A man dead in North Yankton from coldness". You could find their bones and skulls in North Yankton, a dog could help you with finding it. There are 50 pieces of skull and a message on a wall saying (with some parts missing): "My last momen... Pray for m... daughter and my de..ious son if you ar readi th...s" It seems like a reference to Michael.

25. "Ultimate" signs around the Alderney
There are 5 "Ultimate" logos in the Alderney. You get 2 dollars for collecting each of them. This is likely a reference to GTA2 logos in GTA2's world.

26. Darts
This activity comes back from older games.

27. Wrestling
This activity was last time seen in San Andreas. Protagonists can hire muscles at Gyms.

28. Marathon-like competitions
These competitions are done in beaches. Reward is 200000$. Running, 4WD Racing, Swimming and Jumping are four main parts of these competitions.

29. Horse Races
Horses are available like in RDR. There are 15 horse races in San Andreas, 5 ones in Robada, 5 in Greenblades and 15 in Maxie Side country. You could also place a bet on races.

30. Radio/TV
Each HD game has them, so this doesn't need any description.

31. Hitman Minigame
Sometimes Police, Gangs or Politicians near White Place offer you to hit somebody for some money. If you accept, the minigame starts.

32. Heists
There is a total of 170 heists in game. For example, all casinos and hotels/motels are available to perform a heist.

33. House Burglary
Get a SUV and you could start a burglary mission. This is very similar to the same feature in SA.

34. Beach Soccer
Crews could play against each other.

35. Basketball
Crews could play against each other. This is an Online-only feature but you could train in Single-Player.

36. Skiing
Skiing challenges are available in both online and single-player.

37. Snowmobile Races
There is a total of 30 Snowmobile races around the North Yankton.

38. Jetplane Races
The total number of races are 60.

39. Boat Races
Boat Races are available in both Online and Single-Player modes of the game. The total number of them is 70.

40. Ship Heists
You can steal big ships near bay areas. In older versions of GTA, big ships didn't move at all but now you can thieve them. They usually contain lots of money, or drugs.

41. Pimping Minigame
This mission is available in Single-Player only, and it could be done in San Andreas, Liberty State and Vice City and Vice Beach. You need a two-door car to activate this mission.

42. Property Buying
You could own new houses and businesses. However, buying some businesses is necessary to finish some episodes. House buying is same as SA, but they have owners before you buy them!

43. Kidnapping
You could kidnap random people and bind them to somewhere. Then, by calling a contact on the kidnapped person's phone, you can earn some money.

44. Shooting Area
Most Ammu-Nation shops have a shooting area where you could increase your protagonist shooting skill.

45. Character Creation
Parents are: John Marston, Max Payne, Claude, Misty, Tommy Vercetti, Mercedes Cortez, Carl Johnson, Denise Robinson, Niko Bellic, Luis Lopez and three other "Mother Options".

46. Voice Interaction
You can speak via headset in Online, and your character will talk.

47. Gang Battles
During "Black Mob Story", a feature similar to SA's gang wars in enabled in Annawan, Alderney and Liberty State in which your hood turf may become bigger or smaller. Some of them affect storyline.


48. Temporary Switch

In some missions, you should switch to another person, while he/she is not a protagonist. That's needed to do some objectives.


49. Drive-by

Drive-by is a feature used in two episodes: "Black Mob Story" and "Hot Wheels". Usually one or two temporary switches are required to finish a drive-by mission.


50. Crew Wars

Like gang wars, you could plan what to do on a crew war. However, it's a little different from Story Mode's gang battles feature, because the other crew could also plan, unless when you don't warn them.

More info on Activities coming frequently


Heads-Up Display

HUD looks like this, in normal condition. As you see, the wanted stars have been moved to top of the Minimap and the car map system is still GPS-like.







There are three types of phone that you can buy: "Evle Drone 5", "iFruit 11i" and "Facade Fhone 940". Each phone has 5 pre-loaded apps and an app store to get more apps. Total number of apps available is 69 (for each phone).


Editions of the game and their differences


The complete edition is based upon Rockstar's Advanced Game Engine, Rage, which has progressed a lot since Grand Theft Auto V. All features are available and the graphics are adjustable (Only for PC). There are 3 regular camera modes (Far, Normal, Near) and a top-down camera like in Chinatown Wars. This edition is done by Rockstar North.

"GTA: Hot Wheels" is available for Android and iOS as a standalone game which runs on "RAGEme" engine (Rockstar's Advanced Game Engine mobile edition). Also, "Fun and Sun" could be played as a DLC. It has two camera modes: 3rd Person View, and Chinatown Wars-Style Top down.


Whole game is available for PS Vita, but it only has four first episodes. The other ones should be downloaded as DLC. This edition doesn't feature the top-down camera view.



You're able to sync your progress between your devices using a Social Club account.





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Pooyan Cyrus




Latino FM

Latin Music, as the name says

Available in: Vice City, San Andreas, Robada, Maxie

Rudy Regalado & Chevere - America Balla




Gipsy Kings - Un Amor











RetroWave 103

80's Pop

Available in: Vice CIty, San Andreas, Robada, Maxie





Phil Collins- Don't Lose My Number



Tahnee Cain & Tryanglz- Photoplay





The Cars- Drive





Brooks Park Radio

Alternative Rock and Alternative Metal

Available in: Annawan

Avenged Sevenfold - Buried Alive












Polish Northwest

Polish Modern Music

Available in: Annawan, North Yankton



Pustki - Nuda














Radio StoneCore

Hardcore from hell!

Available in: San Andreas, Vice City, Maxie, State of Capitol, Alderney, Liberty State and Robada















Bass-boosted Rap/Trap Music

Available in: Vice City, San Andreas and Robada









Tyga ft. Wiz Khalifa & Mally Mall - Molly (BassBoosted)



Young Chop - What You Mean





Rihanna - Diamonds (Flaxo Stadium Remix)


Pop-Punk and Alternative Rock

Available in: Vice City









Taking Back Sunday - A Decade Under the Influence






Popstar Radio

Modern Pop Music

Available in all states
















House Music

Available in: San Andreas

H 2 O - Drink Water (Deep Mix)


My Digital Enemy - Don't Give Up

Mark Knight - In and Out


Sander Kleinenberg - We R Superstars


Jesse Rose - Fly Tonight

Ruffneck ft. Yavahn Lucas - Everybody Be Somebody

Hoxton Whores - Sunrise ft. Krysten Cummings

Naxxos - New Orleans (Mr Belt and Wezol Remix)

THRILL - Where Is The Love

Sidney Charles - Hurricane

Sidney Charles - Going Down

Sterling Music Radio

Classic Music

Available in all states


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - The Magic Flute









All Sorts of Piercing Music!

Available in: Annawan, State of Capitol, Liberty State and Alderney




Foul Play - Finest Illusion (Illegal Mix)







Gorillaz - Dirty Harry





Dat HipHop 99.4

Hip Hop Music

Hosted by DJ Dreama

Available in all states except Capital CT and North Yankton


(Edited Radio Version, Starting from Second Verse)


(Edited Radio Version, Excluding the Outro by 50)

03. 50 Cent ft. 2 Chainz - Riot (Remix)


(Edited Radio Version, Without The Catch-Up)


06. Gucci Mane - Jack Boyz



09. Lil Wayne - Sky is the Limit


(Edited Radio Version, Ending with a "GANGSTA sh*t RIGHT HERE" scream and excluding sample's repeats at the end)





15. DJ Whoo Kid ft. Snoop Dogg - Whip Yo Ass



(Edited Radio Version, Without Intro)

18. Lloyd Banks feat. Juelz Santana - Beamer Benz or Bentley



(Edited Radio Version, Without Intro Sounds)

21. Wiz Khalifa ft. Chevy Woods & Nikkiya & MDMA - Middle of You

22. PRhyme ft. Ab-Soul & Mac Miller - Dat Sound Good

Radio Sense

Pop, Soft Rock and R&B Music

Available in all states except Capital C.T.

Teeflii ft. Snoop Dogg & Warren G - That's How We Livin







Immortal Technique - Dance with the Devil


Electronic Music

Available in: San Andreas, Liberty State, Maxie



Kry Wolf - Concrete (Woz Remix)

Jimmy Edgar - Strike (Original Mix)

Materia - Synthesis (Petter B Mix) (Original Mix)

Asa & KOAN Sound - Fuego (Original Mix)

Joe T Vanelli & Hot Since 82 - The End Feat. CSILLA (Original Mix)

Jimpster & Johnathan Backelie - Brought To Bare (Deetron Remix)

New York Transit Authority - 95 (Original Mix)

Pier Bucci & Red Robin - Lost My Voice (German Mix)

Caked Up - Ass Down Twerk

Ocean Drive Radio

Modern synthpop

Available in: Vice CIty



Lazerhawk- Overdrive

Teslaboy- Fantasy


Power Glove- Nightforce




M83- Midnight City


60's/70's Hard Rock Music Radio

Available in: San Fierro and Whetstone (not whole SA), Alderney and Annawan






The Doors- LA Woman




Eric Clapton- Cocaine

The Cult- Born To Be Wild


Hillside Soundsystem

Dancehall and Ragga Music

Available in: San Andreas, Robada and Vice City










Vybz Kartel - Do What U Want Fi Fo




Mr. Vegas - Party Tun Up


Radio Cowboy

Country Music

Available in: Tierra Robada, Robada Wild West, Maxie Side Country, Los Santos County, Blaine County, Whetstone and Annawan Suburbs





Patsy Cline - Crazy




Alabama - Feels So Right


Political Talk Radio

Available in: Capital C.T.


News Radio

Available in all states

Interstate Public Radio

Public Talk Radio

Available in all states


West Coast Talk Radio

Available in: San Andreas and Robada

More Radio Stations and Playlists to come...


"Ultimate" uses a new kind of theme songs. Each episode of the game uses some songs based on its subject and theme. Each songs is played at a specific time, so here we go:

The Escape

Episode start: This song is played when you start the game. When the helicopter is getting away from FIB forces, this song starts.

Jay-Z and Linkin Park - Numb/Encore

Loading Theme

Casino Addict

I'm deciding on it, wait a little please!

Bitten and Risen

I'm thinking on it, It's going to be a "Tangerine Dream" or "Pink Floyd" song.

Last Week

Theme Song: This is played when Phil gets attacked and the deal gets ambushed. It's also the Loading theme of episode.

saeeDSP - Beat No. 2

Black Mob Story

I'm thinking on it, It's going to be a "Micheal Hunter" music track.

Hot Wheels

Start song: This theme is played when Alfie is driving in the LS road at night, sees Kate and brakes.


Loading Theme: Please note that loading theme is just the piano theme at end of the song.

Missing parts and other episodes' themes will come soon.


Dealing Achievements:

Newbie Dealer: Do 50 deals and make 100000$ profit

Novice Dealer: Do 100 deals and make 200000$ profit

Real Dealer: Do 200 deals and make 500000$ profit


Criminal Rating Achievements:

Most Wanted: Don't let the 5-star police catch you, for 20 minutes

Badass Criminal: Do all rampages of a state Note: Each state has its own achievement

America Badass Criminal: Do all rampages of the game (Collect all "Badass Criminal" achievements)


Driving Achievements

Hill Racer: Win all countryside races in San Andreas, Robada and Vice City

Stuntman: Collect all Unique Stunt Jumps of a state Note: Each state has its own achievement

Pro Stuntman: Collect all "Stuntman" achievements, thus, all unique stunt jumps of the game


Hot Wheels Achievements

Not A Wannabe!: Win all races

Infernus Freak: Win 5 races with an Infernus

Bravado's goin' happy: Win 10 races with a Banshee


Gangsta Stuff Achievements

First Victory: Do 8th mission of "Black Mob Story"

Ain't No Redd sh*t: Defend you territory against EastRedds for first time

Bat Told, I did: Achieved after completing 15th mission of "Black Mob Story"

Have a Nice Fly: Complete "Black Mob Story" episode


Hidden Things Achievements

The Two Men Found: Find all bones and skulls in North Yankton

Intergalactic Player: Find all stars hidden in Everglades

Eye's a Lie: Find all eyes in San Andreas and Robada


More info on Achievements coming frequently

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Pooyan Cyrus






The c*nt of American media's body

This channel is talking about celebrities 24/7! Series like "How I banged you mother?" and "Gang Bang Theory" are shown through this channel. It also has 4 Celebrity News programs in the day, which tell you about how Poppy Mitchel sewed her hymen for sixth time and his new boyfriend ripped it again or stuff like this.


123 Entertainment

Watch us till' you get blind

Nothing better than CNT. 123 offers you inappropriate scenes all day long, sometimes as children exclusive, sometimes as celebrity news, and sometimes as a new movie.


National Wilderness

Wilder than ever

If you were tired of watching humans doing each other(!), you could watch other animals performing the same act on this channel.



Tune in, watch, listen

Music Video Channel, shows latest Music Videos, Live Concerts, Interviews and anything related to music worldwide.


Vice TV

Answer to "Why should live in Vice City?"

Vice TV is Vice City's independent media. It joined VCN at 2001 and since then, it has Vice City News parts during the day. It's a nice channel with latest information on hotels to reserve, places to see, girls to date, and beaches to lie on at Vice City.


American Tourism

Best guide for tourists

Imagine you've arrived at Liberty City or San Fierro. Where should you go now? What interesting, historic places are there? American Tourism tells you where to go in the America.


Weazel News

Smell latest news here


Broadcasting from C.T. to Anywhere

More channels coming soon...

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Sorry...Im lost. What is this? Plans for the next one?

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Pooyan Cyrus

@up: We call it a "Concept".

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White Castle? So the President lives in a restaurant?

Washington D.C. exists in GTA world anyway.

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Pooyan Cyrus

@AlfredNTheFettuc: Parodying is what an Ultimate GTA needs. Just see what's the shortened type: WC! ;)

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Well, just looking into the GTA canon. Washington D.C. would feel weird anyway, a city without skyscrapers, and so being so close to the goverment while having attack choppers and tanks...

Anyway, this could very well be the ultimate "one world" GTA game The Benz was talking about...

http://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/exploring-grand-theft-auto-vice-citys-lasting-impact-on-gamer-culture-with-rockstars-leslie-The Benz/

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White Castle? So the President lives in a restaurant?


I lost it so hard.

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Pooyan Cyrus

It seems the only problem is "White Castle" ok i change it.

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Alderney isn't a part of Liberty State, Alderney is it's own state, based off of New Jersey.

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Pooyan Cyrus

First mission and the map of Liberty City, Alderney and Annawan added.

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What about cities based on Chicago and Seattle? :)

Edited by S13

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Pooyan Cyrus

@S13: Didn't you really see the Wintown? That's Chicago,

the thing you helped me with!

don't you remember?

However, I think Seattle should be included but I don't any idea of its name and other stuff related to it.

Edited by PooyanCyrus

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PooyanCyrus, I thought you use my name (Windy City) and logo.

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Pooyan Cyrus

I didn't use "Windy City" because it was a nickname, but the logo of Wintown (which is seen on Annawan's map) is inspired by your logo.

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Pooyan Cyrus

A HUGE amount of info coming tommorrow! ;)

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Pooyan Cyrus

Info on Vehicles published!

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Pooyan Cyrus

Mission 1

This mission is first storyline mission which starts with every new game you start and doesn't have a boss.


[it's night. A helicopter passes by the sky of liberty city. Many cops are trying to shoot it from the top of skyscrapers and police helicopters are following it as fast as possible]

Protagonist: You'll never reach me.

[The scene fades out]

Cutscene #2:

[The Heli is still going its way in the sky. An alert sound can be heard]

Protagonist: Ooh sh*t. Going out of fuel...

[Heli's engine's sound stops and it starts falling]

Protagonist: Oh no! Hellooooooooooo Wintoooooooowwwwn!

[Heli lands on a clump of trash. The protag jumps out of the heli's broken window and runs fast. Little after that, heli explodes with an awful sound.]

[Camera shows where you are. A junkyard with all doors closed.]


1. Look around the junkyard for a Rocket Launcher.

2. Shoot a rocket to the wall.

3. Get into the Trashmaster car and escape from Junkyard.

Cutscene #3:

A man in his car shouts: WHO ARE YOU?! STOP!

[The car drifts in front of your trashmaster and you stop. A man comes out of the car]

The man: Why did you ruin my place, tough guy? Who are you?

Protag: Wasn't it a ruined place, already? I don't even know if I'm in right place or not.

The man: Carcer city is never the right place!

Protag: Oh no... Do you know how to go Wintown?

The man: I'll help you, trust me! But... why don't you tell me your name?

Protag: Call me Jim. I'm Jimmy Brad.

The Man: OK, Jum! Take some rest, and... I'm Claude, don't ask for more, just call me Claude.

Jim: OK, Claude.

Main Objective: Go to the little room at the west side of Junkyard and save your progress.


Mission 2: Mess

Boss: Claude


Jim: Thanks for the place, I really needed some rest.

Claude: I know it.

Jim: May you tell me what's the way to Wintown?

Claude: I will. Before that, you should help me sort this mess out.

Jim: Which mess?

Claude (points to the broken wall of Junkyard): That mess!

Jim: Come On! This junkyard is all mess!

Claude (Shows his gun to you): May you shut up and do what I told you to?


1. Get in the truck.

2. Drive to Tim's Stones.

Main Objective: Drive back to the Junkyard.


Mission 3: Bring the wall back

Boss: Claude

Claude is still saying he'll help you go to Wintown, but he wants you to do one last job for him: Bringing the wall back.


1. Get a van.

2. Go to the specified place.

3. Pick up the three guys.

Main Objective: Drive back to Claude's Junkyard.


Claude: Drive straight up to Carwin Bridge and go to Wintown. I have a house there. This is its key. You're welcome to use it.

Jim: Wow! Thank you man! I can't believe this!

Claude: Here's some money, also. You'll need it to live in Wintown, probably!

Jim: Thanks, Thanks, Thanks Man!



Radar will be available from now

Wintown Safehouse


Mission 4: No Chance

This mission starts first time you come out of Wintown house

// Cutscene:

[A red-clothed guy is looking at Jim]

Dude: How's everything, newba'?

Jim: Does it matter to you?

Dude: Yea! Ya don't have any chance to live here, when we're here! Just warned ya.

Jim: No need to your warning, the danger comes from me, not ya useless piece-a-sh*t!

[some other red guys jump on street from Jim's house's roof. Camera turns to a guy running at you]

Guy: You should get the hell outta here Jim! Just follow me.

// End of cutscene


1. Follow that guy.

2. Run faster.

3. Hide behind a car to lose those gangs.

// Cutscene #2:

Jim: What's going on in this hell hole?!

Guy: Wintown is more worse than Carcer, it just LOOKS better!

Jim: Thanks for teaching what I knew to me.

Guy: Ok, ok... Calm down Jim!

Jim: What hell do you know my name from?

Guy: I'm deeply sorry for myself, I helped who doesn't even remember my name... Jim! I helped you! I picked you up when you was escaping...

/// A cutscene from the past:

[Police cars and helis are coming after Jim and he's running out of a building. The unknown guy is also driving a Sabre Turbo and coming to him]

Jim (Shouts): Go Carl! Faster Faster Faster!

Carl (shouts): Fasten your seat beeeeelt!

[The car is going very fast, it jumps into Francis Intl. Airport from using a wood ramp. When it falls on the ground, Jim gets out and gets in a heli]

Carl: Catch ya in Wintown. (Jumps out of the car and gets in a heli)

/// End of past cutscene

Jim: Oh you... Carl... I want to get outta Wintown... May you drive? (laughs)

Carl: Ok!

Main Objective:

(Carl) Drive to Suburbs' house.


- Carl as playable character.

- A house in suburbs


Mission 5: Fuertes' Bright Night Jim

Boss: Carl Bateson

Wintown Fuertes have came too annoying. Let's make some fun of them tonight.

Carl couldn't help you, because he'll defend the house.


1. Pick up the Mini-Uzi from left south corner of the house's yard.

2. Go to Junglewood, where the Fuertes are holed up.

3. Kill as many gang members as you can.

Main Objective: Carl sends you a message which says "Those damned reds are attacking our hideout. Come back quick!". Go and rescue your house and Carl.
Edited by PooyanCyrus
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Why you steal my vehicle list from GTA: Windy City?

(and add some new cars...)



You can only add (from my list) only emergency vehicles: e.g. Ambulance, Fire Truck, Police Patrol etc.

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Pooyan Cyrus

Ok next time I'll use vehicles from Saints Row or Watch dogs if GTA cars are under your copyright.

I remember how you stealed Giovanni and Agosti Family.

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Ok next time I'll use vehicles from Saints Row or Watch dogs if GTA cars are under your copyright.

I remember how you stealed Giovanni and Agosti Family.


LOL :lol:

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Pooyan Cyrus

Some info:

The game will have eight chapters and a final mission. Each chapter has sth about 20 to 30 mission and has its own protagonist. The ending mission, connects all chapters to each other.

Be sure this chapter thing isn't confusing because when you end a chapter, the story continues, but with another protagonist.


This is the list of Chapters:

1 - The Escape

2 - Man of Gamble

3 - Dark Days

4 - Last Week

5 - The Fake Guy

6 - ( Seeking for a name )

7 - Fun and Sun

8 - The Chase

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Don Fraser

Man this is looking sweet! Can't wait to see the final product :)

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Pooyan Cyrus

Thanks a lot, @Don Fraser!

Robada's map is coming soon. Vice City's map has been a difficult work but I'll release it soon also.

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Pooyan Cyrus

Mission 6: Carcer Thugs Carl

Boss: Jimmy Brad

Fuertes have thieved all your money from house. However, Jimmy has seen some thugs around the house, which would help you find your money back. They live in a house near us. They were on phone with their boss when Jim saw them, they're going to Carcer. Follow them and find out who's their boss.


1. Get the car out of your garage.

2. Wait until they come out of their house.

Main Objective: Follow them with a proper distance, so that they don't spot you. You'll fail if they spot you.


Mission 7: A Trap for Thugs Multi-Protag

Boss: Carl Bateson

The thugs whom Carl followed, are new to Annawan. They are "The Families" members who have escaped from Los Santos and now they're looking for a hideout. Fuertes have suggested them to become members, and this is a nice chance for you.


1. (Jim) Get the car out of your garage.

2. Pick up Carl.

3. Follow the dark green spot on the radar.

4. (Carl) Shoot their car from window, but Don't kill them.

5. (Jim) Drift in front of their car.

6. (Carl) Get out of the car and kill them.

7. Wear their clothes.

Main Objective: Go to Fuerte Hideout.


Mission 8: Where's my money? Jim

Boss: Carl Bateson

Carl has found the thief who stole the money. 100000 dollars are no joke and you should do everything you can to get the money back. So...


1. Go to the thief's hideout in Wintown's Junglewood.

2. Scare him by shooting random things.

Main Objective: Punch him and throw him in a car. Go back to the suburbs.


Mission 9: Way to Money Jim

Boss: Alfie Granville


[The thief is sat on a chair, smiling at Carl and Jim]

Thief: Alfie does his job well, be sure!

Carl: Yes, I'm seeing... You've done it really nice, Mr. Granville.

Jim (Shouts): Stop joking guys! Where the hell is our money?

Alfie: I don't know! I thieved it but this doesn't mean I know where it is, it was just a job I did for Fuertes to get some money.

Carl: You know where it is... Think... Think about it... and think about this gun on your head... where it is?

Alfie: Okay, Okay... You should check out a hideout in Downtown. It should be there.

Jim: I'll check it out... You'd better not be a liar!


1. Get in your car.

2. Go to the Hideout.

3. Kill the guy in front of the door and search him for a key.

4. Get into the hideout.

5. Kill gang members there.

6. Look for the money in their closets and bags.

7. Some weed is there. Put them in the car.

Main Objective: Go back to the suburbs' house.


500x Weed

Dealing Minigame is available from now

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Pooyan Cyrus

Vice City's map alongside info on 8 Episodes of the game added just now! I'm sorry about Vice City's map, I know it's similar to Miami, Everglades and Florida Keys map, but I can't make it from zero again! :lol:

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