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(xbox 360) The Devils Henchmen ( DEVL ) Recruiting!

Recommended Posts


The Devils Henchmen crew is a mature based GTA V crew looking for fun, positive and mature players to play together in the vast world that Grand Theft auto has to offer us. Anyone can join! as long as you can work with others and enjoy a good time, meet new people such as my self and have an experience that will last a life time.



1. Respectful to all members.

2. Don't kill other DEVL members on purpose.

3. Play and work together in completing missions/death matches/heists ect


^Simple rules to follow^


If you do not follow any of these rules you will be issued with one (1) warning. if continued abusing these rules you will be kicked from the crew.


Link : http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_devils_henchmen

XBL GT : preckto (no caps, no silly letters or numbers)


Any age is welcome. as long as you are mature :)


We are a simple crew looking for simple people.


Looking forward to seeing you.


Emblem : http://i818.photobuc...zpsd4764a1d.jpg


Crew Ranks : : http://i818.photobuc...zps9a4855ca.png

Edited by preckto

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--Out of Date--

Edited by preckto

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--Out of Date--

Edited by preckto

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I'm at work at the moment but I'd like to join


Xbox gt: k1rb5t3r (only because I want that number plate! My second name is kirby so...)


Mature gamer who wants to rank up and complete missions/heists etc.

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Congratulations to runfwdscreaming for being promoted to "Representative"

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Almost at 50 members!

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A couple of updates to announce!


Updated Crew rank titles! check them out here: http://i818.photobucket.com/albums/zz106/insidious12345/ranks_zps9a4855ca.png

any suggestions please message me them via xbox live or social club message.


2 new promotions!


JutzeOhneFluppe was promoted to crew Representative for being top in the crew overall RP leader boards!


D4RKHUNTER44344 was promoted to crew Lieutenant ( personally know and trust-worthy friend i know in real life)


How do i get promoted to the next rank?

To get promoted to next crew rank which is Representative you must either.


1. Be top in the crew rank overall RP leader boards. ( if you achieved this and decide to represent a new crew i will allow you to remain this rank.)


2. Be recommended by other crew members! if anyone has a recommendation for someone message me via Xbox Live or Social Club message. or if i think you deserve it too :)




1.Play with me and or the Lieutenants on a day to day bases and work together with other crew members! to even achieve this rank you must first achieve Representative.


New and improved emblem! check it out on the link i posted in my previous post.


Also, there has been some complaints on crew members killing other crew members continuously and purposely. If the Victim complains and doesn't find it *Funny* or *entertaining* and tells you to stop, and you keep killing him, he has the right to complain to the Lieutenants first. If either of them does not respond you take your complaint to me via xboxlive. they will be issued with one warning. If he continues to do this and the victim complains once again. The offender will be kicked from the crew.

please do not disrespect my rules and wishes. Hope all can agree on this.


Start recruiting all of your friends please! the crew has come a long way and it is progressing fast! All is welcome has long as they can follow the rules and guidelines above :)


At 150 to maybe 200 members i will be setting the crew to *invite only* but that will be in the future :)


-peanut- ( Crew leader ) Xbox Live GT : preckto


D4RKHUNTER44344 (Lieutenant) Xbox Live GT: AsassinProB312


NeoCrusader1m1p (Commissioner) Xbox Live GT: NeoCrusader1m1p


Any Suggestions for the crew for anything just message me :)


Thank you!


( Xbox 360 Australian Crew )

Edited by preckto

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Edited by AndyGanteks
no advertising of other crews

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JutzeOhneFluppe has been promoted to lieutenant!


Malarkey724 has been promoted to Representative for being nominated by JutzeOhneFluppe and my approval :)


NeoCrusader1m1p has been promoted to second in command!


want a promotion to the next rank? play with any of our lieutenants or commissioner to be nominated for a promotion!


The crew is gaining members a little slower than usual but with my recruiting around and help from other DEVL members we're gaining members fast once again :D


-peanut- ( Crew Leader ) XBL GT: preckto


NeoCrusader1m1p ( Commissioner ) XBL GT: Neocrusader1m1p


JutzeOhneFluppe ( Lieutenant ) XBL GT: JutzeOhneFluppe


D4RKHUNTER44344 ( Lieutenant ) XBL GT: AsassinProB312

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Once again. Killing crew members can get you kicked from the crew. the second rule of The Devils henchmen is do not kill crew members on purpose and continuously. the first and foremost rule is be respectful to crew members. Killing a crew member that is also higher rank than you is forbidden. If you want to post a complaint, message the Lieutenants FIRST. if neither of them respond in 24 hours message the commissioners. if neither of them respond in 24 hours message me. preckto. all complaints are to be sent via xbox live. we will deal with complaints with a formal message. if you have received two complaints in the next 14 days you will be kicked!


please respect my rules and wishes.

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Couple of things to announce.


JutzeOhneFluppe was promoted to Commissioner. He is now second in command of The Devils Henchmen thus he is also in charge of everything. Respect him, play with him, talk with him, get to know him, and maybe he will consider you a friend and rank you up higher in the Hierarchy.


GTAPysco was promoted to Lieutenant. Loyal and trust worthy member. Was Recommended for the promotion by JutzeOhneFluppe.


runfwdscreaming was also promoted to Lieutenant for the same reason as Pysco.


Respect and play with these three individuals for a promotion to Representative and eventually maybe you'll be promoted to Lieutenant :)


Please note that you don't have to play with these people to earn a promotion to Representative. You can easily gain this rank by, Posting in the crew feed on GTA social Club. Be top in the crew leader boards. Help me recruit members for the crew. also being recommended by people higher in the crew hierarchy. Make sure to represent the crew also! Promotion to rep is pretty pretty easy xD


But for a promotion to Lieutenant you must play with either The Lieutenants, Second in command and be recommended by any one of them. Playing with me is just a big bonus :)



The crew has gained a lot of members since i first started this with my friend. I'm very proud and happy to see it growing into something :) Can't wait to see the 300 mark :D thank you all!



Most of the bugs and glitches are kinda fixed in GTAO so i'll defiantly be on more regularly so make sure to jump in a lobby with me! ( i wuv racing so i'll probably spend most of my time in there )



Thank You!


-peanut- - (Leader) XBL GT: preckto


NeoCrusader1m1p - (Second in command) XBL GT: NeoCrusader1m1p


JutzeOhneFluppe - (second in command) XBL GT: JutzeOhneFluppe


DARKHUNTER443 - (Lieutenant) XBL GT: AsassinProB33


GTAPysco - (Lieutenant) XBL GT: Tattood Chef


runfwdscreaming - (Lieutenant) XBL GT: runfwdscreaming


^^ All these people can be found on my friends list ^^


Founder(s) of The Devils Henchmen are:


-peanut- AKA preckto


floopery AKA flooper AKA killerjosh32

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mistymountainsmv was promoted to crew lieutenant. he/she is the crew leader for the ps3 side of GTA, thus meaning we are a multi-platform crew with leadership on both sides :)


have fun and happy holidays!

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