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Turd Ferguson

GTA5: Car Storage, Garages, Swapping Cars and More..

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Turd Ferguson

Cant change my title? This is a basic rundown on garage storage, extra spaces, Swapping cars to other characters and Customizing cars.


Let me preference everything by this may be a very common or already known topic but I haven't read through every single post on here about GTA5 because frankly, I have a life ( no offense) so please no flaming or any comments, just trying to help some people out. None of this is used with cheats its just sort of going "around the system". This is all pretty dependent on your Bank account status whether you have beat the game, pulled a lot of robberies or used cheats... assuming your modifying the cars. This will work to swap stock saved cars person to person as well.


I do alot of pointless car modifcations to see how different cars will look and perform. Some just have the usual basic upgrades while other "rarer" and more "high end" cars have custom bodywork, blowers, hoods, spoilers, parts ec... I Recently read a post on here about the useable garage spaces and storable spaces amongst other things while looking for a few answers to car spawn locations.

Reading thorough one post and talking to alot of friends who have GTA5 and who are in the process of completing the major SP storyline, I am under the impression that people are having issues with limited vehicle storage and customized cars being lost. All that money going out the window can be a huge pain (if you havent used money cheats or didnt get a chance to get some of that hidden money before the patch :/ )

Rest assured after spending some time messing around with the characters, vehicles, customizing, garage space, impounding cars and ALOT of driving back and forth... I noticed a few things that many many many other people have probably already discovered, but for thoes who may not be used to GTA, not as far along or haven't figured out the game layout as much and this may help...


Franklins Vehilce Strorage:

- First Safehouse/ Aunts house: Two (2) spots for storage in the garage plus both personal vehicles (Safehouse and storage lost when moved to the Hills)

- Safehouse in Vinewood Hills: Two (2) spots in garage for storge plus both personal vechiles.

- Grove Street Garage: Four (4) spots for stoarge ($30k for garage purchase) Green Garage Icon

- Police Impound: Two (2) spots for storage (fee of $250 to remove)

--- Eight (8) total storage spots for franklin ---


Michaels Vehicle Storage:

- Safehouse in Rockford Hills: Two (2) spots in garage for storage plus persoanl vehicle.

- Vinewood Garage: Four (4) spots for storage ($30k for garage purchase) Blue Garage Icon

- Police Impound: Two (2) spots for storage (fee of $250 to remove)

--- Eight (8) total storage spots for Michael---


Trevors Vehicle Storage:

- Safehouse in Sandy Shores: Two (2) spots in garage for storage plus occasional Personal Vehicle.

- Safehouse in La Puerta: Two (2) spots under house for storage plus occasional Personal Vehicle.

- Pillbox Hill Garage: Four (4) spots for storage ($30k for purchase) Orange Garage Icon

- Police impound: Two (2) spots for storage (fee of $250 to remove)

--- Ten (10) total storage spots for Trevor---


***do not put any more then two of anything in a garage (four for the BIG garages) because something will disappear. It's designed for TWO, not 3 bikes and a car....this may have been half of the "bug" that people bitches about before about vanashing things***



**Once your Into the Game using all (3) Characters, at one given time a total of (26) "Useable storage spots" will be available to you. The extra Six (6) aren't a huge help but are good for modified bikes or quarky cars that you dont drive too often but have modified

( I have a Miami Dolpins Uniform Color inspired Imponte Phoenix maxxed out with a Blower and HUGE Road Runner wing, needless to say i dont drive it much :blink: )

Why do I need so many spots? I'm well into the millions, wan't the space and pick up Chops sh*t (can i say that) with $250.


*Using the Police Impound Garages will return your cars to a secure location (havent had any dissapearing glitches) that can return themself (unlike a garage ) that are in 100% condition everytime.


*This only works for EACH characters owned or customized cars. If you steal a random car and get out and walk outside the "spawn zone" and go to find it or switch players, its gone! Each of the characters personal vehicles return home anyway (seems not so often for Trevor) or occasinally outside your location (like Franklins Bagger) after you switch to a different character, and the only way someones car could be stored here would be be busted by police....and thats dumb so dont.


*Meeting up with another character near thier safehouse will open the garage or impound allowing you to drive thier cars but if you lose it...bye-bye. Also usefull if you need a quick car change during a police chase, Trevors beach house storage is always open to take from. being the only one. i havent come across a scenario where i was able to drive a different characters personal car.



*** With the Police Impound holding just (2) cars at a time (per person) when you modify something (per character) the second to previous (your last as that character) customized car stored, they will be bumped off the list and so on.....read that again carefully and understand it.***


So simplified....EVERYTIME you customize ANYTHING and its not destroyed, when you lose it or leave it one way or another ( enter a full garage/ Police chase/ do a mission/ switch to a different character/ ect.. ) it WILL appear in the Police Impound located at the white Car icon at.

-Pay the $250 ( each time ) to release the car or pick from two if available.

-Cars will cycle through and dissapear from there if you don't pay attention and continue to customize new ones.

-If you Pay the $250 to release the car,walk outside the "spawn zone" then the garage will close, the Impound icon will reappear and it will remain there.

-Cars will not switch over to other peoples impound if no spaces are available.




Sending cars to Impound

If you would like to use the impound for storage then simply:

1.) Mod whatever you want 2.) Get out 3.) Swich characters.

Now when you switch Back and it will be gone. Presto!! It's already at the impound just like that. If you use this method you can theoritically use thoes extra (6) spots.

Agian as i said this is great for thoes people who didnt know that lost Modified cars no matter (not destroyed) will be here.



Swapping cars or Free customized cars for all 3 Characters

At sompoint in the Game you will be able to buy properties. The Los Santos Customs in the desert near Sandy Shores and the Runway can be bought by Franklin and will unlock all free parts for just him but you can give cars to Michael or Trevor.

( You can swap cars between anyone but this is for specifically free parts with Frankin and too understand the swapping/switching process)


Step by step example: (For swapping cars between characters)

1.) Find the car you want with Franklin and head for any Los Santos Customs. ( If you want it done free and already own it, use the one in Grand Senora Desert)

2.) Modify the vehicle in any way you want.

3.) Leave the shop. Set a Waypoint and go to Wherever its going to be stored and saved.

5.) Switch to the character your going to be giving the car too (Mike or Trev) and bring THEM to where the cars being transfered and stored.

6.) Exit Franklin from the car and walk away so he wont try and get back in the car.

**Decline to hangout if you happen to get too close**

7.) Switch to whomever is getting the Car (Mike or Trev)

8.) Drive it into the garage yourself and exit the vehicle.

9.) Quick save ( I would then recommend going to a safehouse and doing a full save)

10.) New Car!!


The reason it works is because when your close enough to another charracter the area doesn't have a chance to "re-spawn" and you can get the car and interact rather then it resetting as if you were in a farther away location.


Hope Some of that helps some other people or i just wasted 15 miutes of my life.

Edited by Turd Ferguson

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