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How to add my own textures to GTA 3?

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I have made some HD signs for GTA 3 and I want to add them to my game but when I save .txd in TXDWorkshop with my textures, they do not appear in-game, they still show the default old texture. When I went back on TXDWorkshop, my HD signs are still there. What am I doing wrong or where do I have to change my textures?


Are they too big - 2048x2048? (I am not planning on re-texturing the whole game but just signs and billboards and this is just for me. I was just testing out my skills if I could re-create them). Anyway back on topic, here is a screenshot on what I mean:


File location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\GTAIII\models\txd.img

But why does it show temp.txd?




postersub.txd are the posters around Francis International Airport, if I am correct? If I am not, can someone point this out please? I have found like four the same textures in different .txd,which is the Liberty International Airport sign and I have found a sign and it is still the old one. Same as the McAdam Airways sign, I have found two of them in different txd names. Why are there numerous same pictures in different .txd?


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Edit gta3.img not txd.img...... after you apply the textures in gta3.img Delete the file txd.img and play the game, your textures should show up in the game

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That didn't work :(

I even did the EDDIE sign at Portland hideout sign as a test and it is still default.


Here what I did:


1. Open gta.img

2. Find playerint.txd, replaced the eddie sign with the new sign

3. Save txd

4. Delete txd.img and txd.dir in models folder

5. Open game and see that the game is converting textures


But it is still the same.

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Hmmm that's strange , are you sure you replace the textures well?? have you check gta3.img again to see if the textures changed already?

and also whats the point to make very big picture(2048x2048)? it'll still almost the same as 512x512 or 1024x1024......

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Simply open txd.img with txd workshop, select the txd file (like playerint.txd) select the texture you want to replace, click the "import" button and select your custom texture.


here i replaced the eddie sign with a quick test 2 part texture


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