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So how many times did you got kicked by players.

Times kicked  

273 members have voted

  1. 1. Kicked how many times?

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    • 1
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    • 3
    • 4
    • 5
    • More than 5.

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win to many games you get kicked you do nothing wrong u get kicked if u fight back against some1 they have the option 2 kick u as well asking a question about the game got me booted to low of a level u will get kicked out of the server iam now pretty much in the bad player section when i log in to play how i never got to play accept for once i leved up to lvl 14 then got booted i can no longer play as i get booted everytime i join a server this really needs to be fixed its ruining the online play

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I ALWAYS get kicked, that is if I manage to connect to the game at all! 75% of the time I dont connect online at all, it says I time out, try back later. and when that happens 50% of the time my game freezes on that message and I need to turn the game off. But out of the 25% chance that i actually manage to connect and get into a game, 80% of the time I just INSTANTLY get kick by other players and I mean instantly! like 2-5 seconds and when i try to join jobs i get to the point where everyone is ready and the job is loading and then I get timed out and now because of that it says im a bad sport for leaving jobs.... also, when im lucky enough to get into a mission or job i can be half way through it and all other 8 players will all get booted from the game and im the only person left and the mission is still going and i have to complete it... Its just totally one big f*cking mess! its really pissing me off and im to the point now where im ready to just give up on the game totally... and i had such high hopes for this one to..... it sounded like it had great online potential, unlike the other GTA games. Now i dont even know if I wanna try to play it anymore. Its really sad that rockstar didnt work out all these glitches before launching. its very unprofessional of them in my opinion.


the online loading fails getting kicked for no reason or being a low lvl or wining to games gets you kicked way to much and iam also starting to agree with you why try to play a game that is 90% of the time to be unplayable

Edited by bowhazed

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I got kicked for no apparent reason.

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f*ck the kicking


the re spawn is terrible, you get run over before you can move.


kanker spel

joden R*

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