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Do you think ill need to pre order it


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do you think ill need to preorder the game to get it on the day it comes out or will i be able to secure a copy at the local walmar.  and is their talk about a censored version, because if i go to walmart and buy a censored version i will be unhappy.

im not so sure because i go to eastern illinois university and walmart is the only store that sells video games within like 25 miles of this place.  so im gonna wake up at like 930, skip class and see if walmart has it, hey i just answered my own question, what an ass i am.

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No preorder = No GTA:VC on Tuesday


You may be able to. It all depends on where you are. But It will be hard.

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No preorder = No GTA:VC on Tuesday




Sadly, he's probably right. I know that the place I preordered from won't even have enough copies in the first shipment to fill all of the preorders, so many preorderers will have to wait an extra few weeks. I fortunately reserved it early and will get it on the 29th, but what it means is that it's very doubtful that any store really will just have copies sitting on their shelves. And even if they somehow miraculously(sp?) do, they will all probably be gone within half an hour of the store opening.

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I coulda swore I heard somewhere that walmart is removing all their games with snipers in them... Thats the stupidest thing I have heard. I cannot believe sometimes the reactions the news gives for these things. The press are probably going to blame the military about the whole sniper thing, and are, no doubt in my mind, going to accuse vice city and any other sniper game like hitman2, because it has sniper rifles in it, and you can snipe people. Its all about ratings to them.



This is truely pathetic... Games are always the cause of all the worlds problems. :sarcasm::sarcasm::sarcasm:





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hey answer this:


is reserving copies the same as preordering?

my walmart said they dont reserve copies.

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Preordering and Reserving are kind of the same thing.

No, Walmart doesn't do that type of thing, and only one Walmart was removing certain games.

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BrAinDaMAGe  122

walmart takes every game off the shelf so who really gives a f*ck they will do that to this one too i guarente it.  in all of the stores.

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No, they don't take all the games off the shelves and FYI, The Walmart Corporation gives the stores the option to take them off the shelves, and it is the individual stores that make the decision to do so.

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