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GTA 5 Aerobatic Team Sign Ups


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Hey guys, I'm new to the forum. Just a short introduction of myself. I am an ex-South African Air Force Pupil Pilot. Left the air force due to medical reasons and became a video editor. Also an avid gamer :)


Sooooo... After playing around in the stunt planes and having a passion for aviation, I thought of this idea.


I want to start a 5-ship aerobatic team, practice, do airshows and other crazy things, record them, edit and upload onto YouTube. (That is if Online allows for party free roam and cheats to just spawn a stunt plane etc...)


I am only on PS3 at the moment but looking to expand to Xbox later on. Sorry for now guys.


Training will mostly be done over the weekends, sometimes during the week, depending on work schedules and what fits the team.


Requirements are simple:


1. PS3 (Xbox to come soon)


2. Headset. How can we fly without communication?


3. Skill. You need to prove that you are capable of flying in formation doing loops etc... Its NOT going to be easy. You would have to be able to fly within 1 wing span from your team mates, recover from turbulence, fly perfectly straight and level inverted and on knife edge. To sum it up, only apply if you think you are a master pilot.


4. Dedication to the team. This team will be fairly casual but also serious at times. It would also be recommended to be situated close to +2 Timezone. Europe would be fine, USA would be a bit more difficult, but if you are up for early afternoon practices then sure.


5. If you have a Gamecapture card and meet all the other requirements; welcome to the team! People with Gamecapture cards such as Elgato, Roxio, Hauppauge or any other recording device will have preference. We need to record footage to edit it, right?


I honestly feel that if we reach the skill level I am imagining we would get quite massive on YouTube. :)


Thats about it, feel free to send me a PM or reply in this thread and we can make arrangements for a flying exercise to put your skills to the test!


My profile on the South African Gamers Forum: http://www.sagamer.co.za/forum/showthread.php?126646-GTA-5-Aerobatic-Team-Sign-Ups


My Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/xLive2Fly


Happy flying :)

Edited by White_haMster
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Ohh and I forgot to mention. If there are any funds generated from our Videos on YouTube, it will be split between the members.

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