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Roleplay is back! Everybody who is interested to roleplay read&#33

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Hey everybody! I just want to announce for everybody that GrandRoleplay is back on track! We are currently at PS3 ONLY! We are still active at games as Grand Theft Auto 4, Red Dead Redemption and for the upcoming Grand theft Auto 5!

We are searching for players who can help us host our RDR and GTA 4 RP sessions as I can't handle everything. Europe and US sessions are welcomed!

Players in general are encouraged to come and visit us and try out our community called GrandRoleplay where we are a small community enjoying ourselves playing and having fun with Roleplay and we already have a 1,5 year of experience with Roleplaying, but we still encourage people new to Roleplay and as well experienced players as well so we can all enjoy the same passion! (or at least hobby)

There is no requirements to join us, but we prefer a more mature group of players(doesn't mean that you have to be old though hehe)

A little bit about me; My name is Rune, I'm 17 years old, originally from Norway, but now in exchange student program in USA. I love to roleplay and have fun with other players that has this same passion for it, even though they aren't that experienced enough, it is cool to experience new things. I have roleplayed in several games such as Mount & Blade: Warband, Garry's Mod, GTA 4, RDR, Runescape, Men of War: Assault Squad, and so on. I'm a semi-serious roleplayer who is not that strict with roleplaying, but more strict with the rules we have in our community and in-game roleplay.

If you want to check us out, you can take a look at this link and it could maybe give you an idea of how we currently are doing our stuff.

Also, join our brand new Crew for Max Payne 3 and Grand Theft Auto 5: Perfect World - PEWO

P.S. The thread is old, and the website is very old. We are hoping to have time to set up a proper website so that we could have better communication and better overview about our roleplay.

"This is the second post, a repost actually, since I got YLOD on my last PS3, and so on I was without PS3 for a whole year, and so on, the RP has gone the wrong way, and everyone deleted me because people thought it was done.

I want to say, that Roleplay is back, in a brand new level.

If you want to see the Official site: http://redroleplay.webs.com/

People, add me and write cause of adding( I get random friend request) like writing about RP.

You can PM me if you got any question.

My PSN is: deathmight

Come and roleplay on a new way on PS3 only :)"

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