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Social club: How to add friends? Do they need to accept a request?



I added my friend but he says he didn't get a request and I can add him to the crew because it doesn't say hes my friend

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5 answers to this question

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Yeah we have friend request out to each other, all pending and none of us can figure out how to accept or add each other.

Any help would be great.


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Log into the social club website and in the top right hand corner there should be a notifications box. Click it and you will be able to confirm or deny any pending requests.

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Its no fault of your own the social club is completely buggy ever since and before the launch of V. This has been happening quite alot at the moment, and what the problem is that

"Notifications" are not registering or updating right now, so you have to click into them from the menutab,so as said above if your friend clicks on the top right hand corner the icon beside his username there will be a menu tab and in there are the "Notifications", one of them will be that he has requested you as a friend, click accept, and bada bing, friends forever! As for crew tags its best to do it ingame while in the single player in the start menu, go to "online" go to "Crews" and "Join friends crew" and activate it from there. Once activated return to online. Doing this could save you the hassle of doing it through the buggy social club.

Edited by One Poor Fool

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Finding it wasn't really a problem, but it did seem the Notifications weren't working well.

Anyway, the solution has ended up being a matter of going to the same location as you would to find your "Notifications" and there is an option for friends. [This should show all current and pending friend requests.] It was simply a matter of going in and canceling the old request I sent and just re-sending them. Although it worked, I don't know if there is a "time frame" for how long those requests lasts. But at least the friend that checked shortly after I informed him of the resend had no problem accepting and yeah! Now we're friends in another location, because in real life isn't good enough, damnit!

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palomino highlands

you will never have friends

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