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Come join The Burned Crew!

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I'll be revising this post through the week to tidy things up as I get things more organized, but essentially this is a recruitment post for my GTA V crew named The Burned Crew. First let me mention that I only have a Playstation 3 at the time so that is the format for the time being.


I'm looking for enthusiastic casual players who are looking for a relaxed playing atmosphere where we execute well planned heists and hopefully do so in style. This isn't a hardcore competitive crew but rather one for the casual gamer looking for a quick game to earn some online spending bucks and one which encourages learning and teamwork to pull off large heist missions with style.


There's no minimum skill requirement or time commitment, I just ask that you commit what time you can and play fairly and maintain loyalty to your teammates. Anyone who is disloyal (i.e. intentionally foils heists, kills teammates or steals from the take) will be treated as an enemy of the crew and we will handle that appropriately. Promotions are based on effort and teamwork more than time or level. If you're the best player in the crew but always leave your teammates behind as bulletshields you won't get the promotion as quickly as the guy who sticks behind to cover the essentials and maybe even shield his other soldiers.


Ideally our heists will be voted upon by the team and will be well executed no matter the skill level of individual players. The goal is to identify individual strengths and make plans where everyone involved has a part they can execute well. Before large heists we will be doing practice runs of our individual jobs and plan for at least one practice run where everyone coordinates. In theory this compartmentalization will enable us to pull off some epic heists of the style and level we became accustomed to in Single Player: I'm talking things like having a bank robbery crew hop into a getaway car while gunmen hold off the heat and a skilled pilot flies a cargobob in to attach the car and fly everyone to safety. Yes they'll be large scale and look impressive but if we work together we should be able to make this look easy.


Because we will be coordinating our efforts and teamwork is so essential I do ask that all applicants have a microphone.


Before anyone asks, yes the crew name was inspired by the TV show Burn Notice. I love the show and the idea of a well coordinated team pulling off jobs in style. Obviously we're out for personal profit more than a crusade of helping hands, so there won't be a moral component or punishments for collateral damage or civilian killing during heists. However as a rule we will try to minimize impact and play things smart. It isn't a rule but is highly encouraged to wear suits and dress clothes from Posonby's during heists; I may consider purchasing a prepaid card if there is a way to give a little money from it to crew members for uniforms, as I believe uniforms are an important part of team play but don't want to require something that costs anyone money. The goal though is that uniforms create a sense of unity and will help us better identify one another in the haste of the moment during jobs as well as leave an impression on any other players on a server that may see us cruising or making an escape.


The rules are essentially no team kills, no betrayals and treat everyone with respect. There won't be any set meeting times at first but if we gain alot of new members I may set up a schedule where we will consistently have games and training matches for anyone who wants to join.


If anyone has any questions please PM me, and join at this link below! :




Alternatively you can add me on PSN or Social Club, my username is shadowfaxframe

Edited by theshadowfax

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Bump for 3 hour countdown to launch :)

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