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Kilo Killers - XBOX 360 Crew - Now OPEN!

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I've been saving this for the day before GTAO launch. Kilo Killers is now in OPEN RECRUITMENT and still stay that way until October 5th, or until we fill our ranks. Here's a little about us:


KILO is all about death and destruction, but we are not completely without order. Our hierarchy is designed to be upheld and leaders are meant to be respected. Once a part of KILO you are family, and will be protected as such. KILO is not above having fun, and we certainly intend to be among the best racers. As for the aforementioned death and destruction, it is our specialty. Only the best of the best can call themselves a KILO KILLER and roll with our crew. Each one of us is elite in one way or another, and every member of the crew will have a purpose.


Current Rank Structure:


- Prospect (1-10)

- Buster (11-20)

- Thug (21-30)

- Hustler (31-40)

- Gangster (41-50)

- Soldier (51-60)

- Enforcer (61-70)

- Mastermind (71-80)

- Shot Caller (81-90)

- Boss (91-100)



Rules to Join:


- Must be at least 18 years old (no exceptions, I know kids play this game)

- Must play GTAO on the XBOX 360 (A PS3 Crew may come later)

- Must have a headset




Open Recruitment Limitations:


Until October 5th, any player may join KILO and attempt to prove themselves. Since there are no officers besides myself, officers will be chosen from those who join during Open Recruitment and who have proven themselves over the next 5 days. Maturity and dedication are qualities I look for. Chosen officers will then take on leadership responsibility and will be responsible for helping with recruitment and crew management. Any play who doesn't make the cut will be removed without warning.



To sign up, go here:




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Can you bump your own posts?


All well, just did.

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