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Killuminati Souljas -KSUL- (PS3)

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The Story Behind Killuminati Souljas

Los Santos used to be a city where people of all kinds could pursue a life of happiness and live a life of ease. A city full of opportunities for every man and woman. An escape from their past broken down cities. Though, with every city there's is a cancer waiting to spread its corruption from high places to the streets. The love of money would soon be felt and turn angels into demons in Los Santos.

As the years passed, the economy slowly declined as the rich got richer and the poor got poorer, this was a recipe for disaster. In the midst of it all, gangs were formed from broken homes to fight against injustices brought by crooked cops and corrupted politicians. Little did the these gangs know, they would be having turf wars with one another, defeating the purpose of going after the root cause of evil. The FIB are the mastermind of it all, they brought in the illegal drugs, the weapons, and what not (on the behalf of government) to the streets of Los Santos, causing gangs to turn corrupt and fight between one another. These intelligent agencies knew what they were up to and got away with it for decades. With the gas prices sky rocketing and cost of living becoming unaffordable at a rapid pace, something had to be done or else the city would turn into chaos. That's when Killuminati Souljas comes in.

A couple of locals knew the dirty schemes that went down within the city that they were brought up in. Every individual of that crew had been a victim of corruption, whether it be smoking weed on their front porch and getting arrested, or seeing their brother and sister get abused wrongfully by cops. These victims had had enough of that sh*t, and they wanted to retaliate badly. So they got together by common interest and formed a small crew called Killuminati Souljas, later it would grow in the hundreds to be the most fierce and ruthless crew in San Andreas. They wanted one thing only, to eradicate the corruption in the city. To accomplish that, the Killuminati Souljas would need an extraordinary master plan.

Ironically, in order for their master plan to work they needed money and lots of it. Also they needed loyalty and trust within the crew to stay on point. The money would be spent on assault rifles, heavy artillery, fast cars, and other beneficial items to aid them on their destructive path to freedom. Missions would be constructed by crew high ranked crew members, while the most risky missions would be constructed by the highest ranked members. Missions from robbing commercial stores, to robbing major banks would be practiced. Of course, this would not be an easy task when obstacles are to be dealt with, such as the LSPD and local gangs trying to get a piece as well.

"We are the Killuminati Souljas of San Andreas, if anyone or crew f*ck with us and get in our way of business, by all means necessary, we will eradicate you and make sure you or your crew, never rest in peace again. You can either join us as freedom fighters, stay out our way, or die like the rest of them imperial scum of earth." - KSUL



Roles/Duties of each rank.

Leader/The Don
Is the head of the organization. Makes the rules and finalizes big shots. Decides whom our allies and adversaries are. Makes the final call when risky missions are to be pursued. Handles the crews $ income with the aid of under bosses, helps distribute the cash throughout the crew according to ranks and difficulty of job.

Commissioners/Under bosses
Is the Don's right hand man and most trusted members. Has the power to manage and administrate all aspects of the crew on behalf of the Don. In charge of keeping the crew in check and providing everything in his/hers power to keep their crew strapped and ready for war at all times. Has the permission to recruit souljas in. Wears suits to display their high class. If words/ideas need to be exchanged between crews, the under bosses are responsible for receiving that information and informing the Don.

The man or woman in charge during battle or missions. In charge in making sure souljas come prepared and gives out orders during war and missions. Lower ranks must listen and impress these guys, and maybe they'll get to talk to the heads of the crew personally about their good deeds - Good opportunities can be born from there. Generals
can recommend lower rank members and non members to Under bosses for recruitment.

The heart of the crew. To earn this position, you must impress the Generals, by performing at an A-game during war and missions, and showing your loyalty to the crew. Souljas must dress in black gear during battles and missions. Good deeds and dedication, can get you promoted to general. Can be used as a body guard if needed. KSUL's success and fortune mostly depends on these guys.

Where most bad-ass rebels start off, and from here start their journey to the high ranks. There are 2 stages within this rank, the recruiters, then the enforcers.
- The recruiters must go through a series of training and missions with Generals. The generals will determine if you are capable of becoming an enforcer or not.
- Enforcers are hired by Generals to go on missions/assassinations, they're most likely used as drivers and risk takers for the crew. Good deeds can promote them to Souljas, great deeds even quicker. Can be used us a body guard if needed.


Ladies who fit the description will automatically move to the ranks of representatives/souljas.


The KSUL Commandments

I. Must have a sense of what the crew's message is about.

II. Must have some level of maturity.

III. Common sense is a must.

IV. Must be ambitious and show commitment to your crew.

V. Must be loyal and honest to fellow crew members.

VI. Cooperation is key to our accomplishments.

VII. Must show respect to our allies.

VIII. Must follow orders given by high ranked members.

IX. A mic is highly recommended but not mandatory.

X. Must represent by dressing in black gear (If a representative/soulja) and operate in black vehicles when on missions.

XI. Must work on your stats if you want a chance to move up ranks.

XII. Must be heartless and ruthless when dealing with LSPD and rival crews.


XIII. Cannot be in multiple crews unless they are associated with KSUL.

KSUL will not tolerate uncooperative individuals in our crew, only a few "f*ck-ups will get someone eradicated off our squad. It only takes one major mistake to permanently get on our bad side, we will put you out your misery if necessary.

- Talking back repeatedly to our Generals in an uncooperative manner.
- Not following orders from Generals and above.
- Backstabbing fellow crew members.
- Giving out confidential information to rival gang members and cops.
- Acting immature in hot situations
- Making repetitive major mistakes during heists.

- Being in another crew that isn't associated with KSUL
- Intentional and repetitive killing of crew members will get you kicked out and possibly put on KSUL's blacklist.
- Killing of high ranked members will instantly put you on KSUL's blacklist.


Recruitment - Opened. This is a new crew, so many positions will be available for a limited time.

Feel free to fill out application.

-1.What's your PSN ID & Social Club ID?
0. What's your gender?
1. How young are you?
2. Do you have a mic?
3. Where do you live?
4. What's your best skill in game?
5. How would you describe yourself as a person?
6. How active do you think you'll be online?
7. If something isn't working out for you, do you usually give up or stick around and try to fix it?
8. What type of character do you want to portray in-game?
9. Have you ever been in a team, whether it be a sports team, or another online team? And how was it?
Can you take in criticism well?
10. Our crew is based on being against corruption, such as crooked cops, dirty politicians, blatant capitalism, and f*cking up anybody else who try and stop us. Are you okay with that?



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You need a roster with all your members on which have to be on GTAF as well as a application form.

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Recruiting Souljas

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