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The Governor

Rockstar must add this feature to garages! Please!

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The Governor

First off, I really like how they worked the garages. It's also cool we get a 4 car garage for each character. Now.... I don't know about everyone else, but I love collecting cars and upgrading them. I've spent many thousands on certain cars, the problem lies in the fact that I never, ever drive them anymore. They just sit in my garages collecting dust...why? Because once you take it out of the garage, you better bring it back in 1 piece or else it's gone. In most missions you have to ditch your car to drive a specific one, so you loose it that way. Driving around you hit a bad turn, flip and somehow manage to completely destroy your car... so it's gone. Come across a random stealing or action.... and you happen to die, your car is gone.


I know about the impound, and trust me, I've gone there many times to retrieve my car....however, there are a few times where it has not been there, and sometimes its a lot of money lost because I can't get my car back.


Therefore, Rockstar should really add a feature to the player garages similar to how you retrieve special cars. To retrieve a specia car, you enter your garage and bring up the car list, select it and your on your way. If you loose it or destroy it, you can come right back, open up the menu and get another one. So I drive these cars all the time. Now, they need to add a feature like that, except you can do it with your own personal cars. They need to add an ability where you can always go back to your garage and grab your favorite car you upgraded to the max whenever you want no matter what happened. If your driving it already and enter the garage and take out a new one, the old one disappears, so u can't spawn a million of them.


This could work with all 4 of your cars, so you have 4 choices to choose from everytime you go to your garage, but I'd be blown away and up in arms of happiness if they just allowed 1 car to be permanently saved and spawnable and each garage. That way, we can actually DRIVE the car we spent thousands into and not have to worry about loosing it or destroying it.

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I'd be happy enough if they just allowed you to change your default car at your characters house.


I greatly dislike Michael's audi and would like to switch it with a Vacca.


Same with Franklin's beat ass charger. I'd rather give him the 5 Series.


Trevor can stick with his truck, I got that thing pimped out and it like it.

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speaking of franklin's charger, i gave a nod to dukes of hazzard when i modded it and gave it the dixie horn. kind of ironic to have a black guy driving around in a car that plays dixie hahaha.

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The Governor

Even a feature like that would work. I just want the ability to save and always come back to a favorite car that I personalized, instead of always having to retrieve it at impound or searching for a new one to mod it all over again.


I mean, if you can do it with special cars at garages, why can't we have the option to add at least 1 car to that list. A car that we pick and mod and not have to worry about loosing or destroying it.

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