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In Vice City, it is very annoying going to a certain area on the map just to get an outfit, so is it possible, with CLEO or other, to add a wardrobe system, like the one in LCS and VCS, to either the Vercetti Mansion or Ocean View Hotel?

Edited by ssbawesome

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it is possible, but it would require a lot of work and most of coders dont take requests soo i dont think anyone will do that.

however making simple clothing pickups in the apartament (for exmple in Diaz mansion because in that moment in game you have most of outfits unlock) is realy basic stuff and if you read some basic tuttorials you will do it on your own.

Edited by ludi911

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Yeah, I think I'll try that. Thanks for the idea.

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There're also a lots of examples inside the VC main.scm file. Here's something that might help you:


{$CLEO}0000:while 8256:   not player $PLAYER_CHAR defined     wait 250end055B: [email protected] = create_clothes_pickup 2 at 0.0 0.0 0.0 // put your coord. hererepeat    wait 0until 0214:   pickup [email protected] picked_up  // checks if the pickup is picked up016A: fade 0 1500 ms // fades out for a 1500 mswait 1500016A: fade 1 1500 ms // fades in for a 1500 ms0352: set_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR skin_to 'PLAYER2' // change player's suit038B: load_requested_models // loads the suit model 0353: refresh_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR 05DC: end_custom_thread // ends the CLEO thread
This code creates just 1 clothe pickup but you can add more if you want.

You can read the coordinates of any place with the Sanny Builder (tools - IDE tools) - the same program which can compile this CLEO code. Inside it you can find a list of all opcodes (tools - IDE tools) but don't forget to select the VC icon at the lower right corner. Also there're tutorials in there too.

Edited by JACK JONES

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