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So what's the point of GTA Online?

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i really hope op isn't right because i'm already bored of the single player with nothing else to do.

GTA is all about creating your own things to do, for instance I like to call Trevor on my phone to hang out, pick him up and bring him to the street car station. Then I start killing people and try to hold off the police until the next street car comes and we can get on to escape. If you use free aim adds another level of difficulty. Also trying to drive around and do missions without damaging your car is fun to me.

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What's the end game to all of this?


When you play a game, you want to see how the narrative and ultimately the game ends..So what keeps the player motivated to keep playing?


Okay you do some races with friends, mod your cars, spend cash on some nice clothing, play some tennis with some guy from your crew, maybe a little gold. Fun stuff got it. But surely that fun wanes after a while, no?


I imagine after a week or 2 that would become massively boring. So what keeps the player moving forward?


Especially when there's only 16 players in a large map like in gta v, i kind of some lost where the long lasting fun appeal will be coming from. 1 or 2 weeks, sure might be a total blast.


But from what rockstar is saying, they want this to be an eventual stand alone product, which will contain liberty city as well..so


guess why everyone hates on this game? The story is the same. Your a criminal rising through the under world. The narrative has never changed.

I dont want to play a story. If i want a story? Ill watch a movie.


Why do we all play gta v really? To kill random strangers. In online mode that random stranger is a real person. Not just some ai plastic box.

Killing a plastic and metal box holds no enjoyment for me whatsoever. No single player part of any game is ever, or will ever be good. Because you can always end up figuring it out. In mutliplayer different people are gonna do different things. So its not a repeate of what you just did.


Its not boring when you learn how to kill people. Most of the time gtaiv online would turn into a group spawn at the airport and a handgun fight. NO one ever loaded up on ammo and got in the maverick and had a door gunner shooting people with a machine gun(i did). They were too busy being gay spawn trapping by spamming missiles and guns out of the buzzard until the end of time.


Now that was boring, and people still did it for hundreds of hours.


IN a room full of 16 if me and a friend start killing everyone, eventually the other 14 will all be after us. That is fun. In gtaiv id kill people and not get killed for hours. Even more fun with a friend.


Then you have all the online missions they are doing now. But falls under the same category of killing a plastic box. But at least its with friends. So well see how that goes.

But killing real players is where hte fun is. People would get so mad because id kill them in orignal ways. Not just chopper, or stick bomb, or handgun. Like 99% of the deaths in gtaiv.


More or less it was "how can we kill these people in a way theyve never been killed before." Was great fun to do the door gunne ron the maverick thing but i only had 1 friend good enough to shoot people.


Because obviously auto aim online is for scrubs and i hope gta v does not have the option for auto aim at all.

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Ihatemyself should really start hating himself if he has to ask these kind of questions...

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