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What will be your first goal?

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Senor Salami

I have a feeling people's dreams of robbing one another and bombing one another might be not as easy as planned. I think they've mentioned that there are events for going up against each other. In other words, I think it's more of a PVE environment, rather than PVP. I'd like to team up with friends and go up against other teams, but something like a PK system could ruin the fun. I do think there is some control over that. I can see someone just following someone around and harassing them constantly, which I know Rockstar won't approve of.


Anyways, I don't have a goal. Just learning the online system and finding a good solid team sounds pretty cool. I'm more interested in the team events to enjoy with friends/teammates rather than go out and just battle other teams. Don't get me wrong, there is a time and a place for that and I'm down with it. I think team missions sounds the most fun. Make your own "Heat" movie moment, you know?

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Tennis (or any new sports, if there are any). The higher your strength, the better you take damage anyhow.

After THAT, I'm going to work on getting enough money to buy a good sized place to stay that'll be big enough to hold a Heist board.

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Get a fighter jet blow up anyone who dares to dog fight me become master of the air

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being a lone wolf, cruising the desert and hiding in the woods, come find me.

yea prob this. i have no friends anyway :p. friends list=empty lolololol. i will just roam like a loner and anyone that threatens me i will try to deal with and anyone that comes in peace i can get along with :p

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