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Money Making After Getting 100% Completion

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Does anybody know any good ways to make money after getting 100% or more importantly after finishing Lesters missions.

I did the missions and made a fair bit but i still need to make more and the stock market is unreliable for me unless anyone can give me some tips. Im not doing the glitch for money and ive tried enough ways to make money but it rewards petty cash really.

Anyone know some tips on making profit off the stock market like after you kill CEO's for Lester etc.. Only seemed to have a decent profit on the stock market when its story related.

Edited by SoggyLuke

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only other ways i know of to make money is to do the drunk running missions with Trevor dive for ir money is scattered all over the place under the water really.. and if you buy the car crushing place just blow up as many cars as you can in a week in game time and you get money for each one when you get paid by your properties

Edited by Liz.Fizz

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Here's a tip for stock market (BAWSAQ only):

This will require you to create multiple saves.


Save 1: All cash in your characters and none in BAWSAQ.


Invest all cash in a stock you feel will go up then create a save for it. You can do this for multiple stocks and multiple saves.

If your stock earns profit, use that save. If it loses money use Save 1.


This works for me because I only get to play a few hours a day. While I am working (in real life), I have a chance to make money.



I don't have any tips for "farming" money while playing as I mostly spend time completing stuff when I have time to play.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the tips :) does anybody else have any good ways for making cash?

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