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PLEASE READ! "Caida Libre" Issue



Okay, I've been trying for 3 days to get 100% on the mission "Caida Libre" The part that is giving me trouble is the objective 'Floor It'. I hold R2 if I get max speed without pushing forward, I get a 96%. If I do push forward, I get a 98%. I can hear the engine max out. I even went as far as staying on a straight road for as long as I can without failing the mission, I CANNOT get 100% for that objective. I know for sure it's not me, I've seen people get it 100% but I can't seem to get it. Is anyone else having this problem? I REALLY think Rockstar should fix this, it's really upsetting. I have 100% on every other mission I have done, but "Caida Libre". PLEASE get the word out to them. I've tried tweeting them, and no reply. I just want to get all of my missions gold. I'm on PS3

Edited by UnchainedGraboid

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Heh, I'm having the same trouble. The first time I played through the game it was no problem, but this second playthrough and all replay attempts have me stuck at 98% speed. Really thought I had it maxing out on the long flat road that goes by Trevor's trailer.

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Same problem here...tried pulling back on the analog..tried pushing forward on the downhill section, still doesn't work. I've ticketed the support on rockstar, see what they say.


Edit: OK, just found a way of doing it, I got 108% speed this way. Just before you reach the downhill section you will notice a big rock to the left side of the screen. Drive to the LEFT of this big rock and you will drop down to a steeper slope, enabling you to go faster. You will need to land properly of course, and it is a little bit off course to the plane, but this worked for me. Lemme know how it works out for you.

Edited by mr_Tii

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I'm a little late but was just having trouble with this mission recently after getting it no problem on the first play. mr_Tii's suggestion to go to the left of the big rock for the steeper slope worked like a charm and I got 108% my first attempt trying it that way. Thanks man.

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