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Would you approve of This extended edition of The Lost and Damned ? ..

Now that you've gone through this outrageously gigantic fanfiction ...  

48 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you consider this a worthy component to The Lost and Damned ? ...

    • "Oh hell yes!" I salute to thee and name you chapter president!
    • "Hey I thought I told you to stay out of this forum?!" *pulls out sawn off*
    • *crushed by wall of text*
    • Now that I've read it all, I think I deserve a medal! *receives applause*
    • "Whoa ... that's heavy, man." *looks impressed, if not terrified*
    • Well ... it did took our minds off of recent things ... Greatly ...
    • There's only a few things I don't agree with *list them*
    • There's only a few things I actually appreciated *list them*
    • I think this was not on the same length as the game's atmosphere/intention *explain*
    • Most of those extended points were overblown, here's how I would have done it *propose*
    • There are actually other plot points that needs to be addressed/extended *propose*
    • But I thought The Lost and Damned was already as complete and satisfying enough as it is?
    • The hell are you all waiting for? let's all march to Rockstar and demand our Extended edition!
    • What? you mean this isn't official? well what was the point making us drooling all over in the first place!?
    • The new gameplay sequences sounds great!
    • The new gameplay sequences would bore me out!
    • How long is this poll anyway?
    • You should have re-wrote the whole game as well! perhaps even sequel?
    • So ... are all suppose to contribute and write walls of text out of our ideas? to get Rockstar's attention or something?
    • "... ... It's a long long way to tipperary, but my heart's right there!"

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Quite a read to say the least.

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WOW! Amazed at your writing talent, looks you memorized all of the story perfectly. I cannot do that because I forget things extremely easily. Just like a lighter alzheimer but I am just 17. I watch same movie again sometimes, read same books over again, even the time passing over it can be as short as 2 months for me to forget it.

What I am even saying?

Keep up the amazing work, but it was hell a pain to read all of it.

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Semtex tk

That font gave me cancer but dude I love it

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