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THIS is the last GTA game I buy.

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Quote: F*ck that dumbass company


Since you think RDR is great, your insulting the company what developed it. RDR was developed by R*, just like GTA. GTA is also better because it's Scottish :) Yes, it's developed by R* north what is based in Scotland. Don't know if RDR is american developed or foreign... Too bad there's no great games from my country, Ireland D:

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The Missions are easy, youre probably just some brainless kid who just rushes into every enemy. Go back to CoD.

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The Missions are easy, youre probably just some brainless kid who just rushes into every enemy. Go back to CoD.

Rushing into enemies is funner to some people then others. You can't just assume that someone who likes GTA and has fun plays COD that just makes you an dumbass.

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I find the game to be extremely fun without cheating. R* is the only company that actuallys cares about their fans. That's they they release such awesome games, not some cookie cutter bs. I'm very happy with how GTA 5 came out.

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all of u fa**ots that are bashing FAMTRON are f*cking retarded honestly. The dude likes to play with cheats so f*cking what? you mad cause he wants to have fun? I remember I used to play GTA SA free roam with cheats and it was so f*cking fun, this invinsibility cheat for 5 minutes is so retarded....... like wtf? 5 min really? I beat GTA V without cheats and dont really care if u can use it in missions or not. but limiting the cheat to 5 min is like limiting our fun. I dont want to input the cheat every 5 f*cking minutes thats so annoying, I wanna be able to go into f*cking rampage and into the prison killing every f*cking cop on sight and not having to worry about re-activating the cheat every 5 minutes.

These dumb fan boys are so stupid. The cheat is ionly 5 minutes, it's obvious rockstar is making fun of us all. F*ck them. they could have made the cheat 60 minutes. You can't even use the cheats during missions -_-


Calling someone a "fanboy" because they directly disagree with you is incredibly ridiculous. People acting like R* owes people certain content is also ridiculous. The amount of constant complaining about every element of the game just because it isn't in line with their own hightened expectations is... well.. ridiculous.

Edited by ChimpySkater

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I dont get it.


They didnt made cheats code for you, they created them as debug tools. That's why they didnt released any cheats... So why are you upset for something that was not intended for you to use them ? :blink:

Edited by Qual_

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I'm with the OP on this regarding the cheats system(although I'm not torn enough to abandon the game altogether). I honestly don't see the reason why Rockstar would limit the invincibility cheat on this game. Someone said it's to prevent it from going online with it, but that makes no sense. If someone found a way to mod online they're going to mod regardless whether Rockstar allows it or not. That's why it's called MODDING. Whether you people admit it or not, it is annoying to reenter the cheat every 5 minutes, especially when you have to enter the cheat manually. I don't get why people are defending Rockstar on this issue. EVERYONE, I repeat, EVERYONE, should be for unlimited invincibility by making your voice heard to Rockstar instead of sitting on the sidelines telling everyone to just deal with it. Didn't Rockstar specifically ask for the community's feedback of the game, which includes cheats? So give your feedback to allow unlimited invincibility so everybody wins, and you can stop bickering back and forth like children.

Edited by Deathwish91

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