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If i didnt preorder....


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If i didnt preorder or reserve, will i still be able to get it on the 29th? Like from best buy or EB? help please

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i don't think best buy does preorders, but EB might still be taking them, you should give them a call and find out.

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Too bad that I didn't pre-order Vice city cuz i didn't have time to make a call and i have to wait until it come out.  I might get it in the morning before school start.

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My friend went to an FYE ( Music CD Store ) and pre-ordered a copy yesterday, they still have like 15 copies left!  Not many people think to go there! Try it.... at a similar store

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Well, I assure you this:


You will NOT be able to just waltz into a store on the 29th and pick up a copy.


I GUARANTEE that every copy they get will go directly to the preorders. And even then, if they HAVE any left, there will be other people there to sell the store out probably within minutes.


It got to this point with GTA 3, but Vice City is even more talked about. If you don't preorder, then you will probably have a diffucult time finding a copy within a week of it's release.

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Tony Scarboni

Hey Slickpoppa your gaurantee holds about as much water as your name,dont listen to this moron,Rockstar knows how much demand there is so they've made more then enough copies to ship first week,so preorder is a waste of time. Just walk in and pick one up bro and smack the asswipe workin the till cause hes a dumb geek working in a video game store :O  ohhhhhhhhh

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that would kick ass to work at a game store.  if you go to some where that doesn't take preorders, like target, then you'll have a good chance of getting it, cuz everyone who is really exited about vice city, probably already preordered.

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