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Dirt bike? jetski? angel?


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I can not find pics of any of these, and i really do not believe the jetski rumor, but you never know......


Does anyone know where to find screens of these?

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well i havent seen any pics but then i havent looked in a long time but i know the jet skies have been confirmed somewhere!

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well i just been reading some of the questions and answers at IGN and one of the first ones says...((BEWARE POSSIBLE SPOILER FOR SOME PEOPLE))


Can you listen to the radio on a motorcycle?


Doug responds: Yes, you can listen to the radio while on a motorcycle, though I'm not sure if the Vespa and dirt bike also grant radio privileges.


notice it says dirt bike and this is from a guy whose played the game!


also if anyone has the pic of the dirt bike cus u tell me where it is or post it?!



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The Dirt Bike is just one of the Bikes.


I am almost positive that there won't be Jet Skis.


As for the Angel, if it does exist, then it's hidden like the Borgnine and BF Injection were in GTA3.

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i think the angel is the chopper in one of the jump videos at ign. and I think "angel" is short for "hell's angels" a notorious biker gang

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okay ive looked on some things and


jet skies are confirmed


BUT... i saw this on the IGN qus and As thing...



if u run a red light or speed etc...can a cop pull u over and give u a tiket and if you cant pay you go to jail or something?


can you drive jet skis?


Rob from Rockstar responds: The answer to both questions is no.

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that would be cool....


But how fun would a sub fight be?


But a jetski fight (with uzis of course) would be awesome! "Waterworld" style!

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