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4 days

GTA4 _life_for_me

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Thank-its you. I just needed that moment of myhem. 3 more-its Nights!!


Rock On,

:) I Chang

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Actually Monday is the 28th which is the shipment day.  So it will be Tuesday when places start selling the game.  




I cant wait much longer!!!!

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I know I keep waiting for it as well it can't come soon enough, I keep playing GTA 3 and blowing the hell out of everything and everyone one until I get it, it's the only thing that keeps me going.  I also keeping playing "I Ran" by Flock of Seagulls just to get me in the mood for the game lol.  After I seen the trailer with the song on it.  Hurry up Tuesday.......

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Well here is how I pass the time quickly during times like these.


1.) Watch movies

2.) Play Basketball

3.) Play GTAIII(Vigilante usually takes the most time while getting you the most involved)

4.) Read the Wheel of Time Series books(I just finished Winters Heart)

5.) Go To the Mall - Stare at the Vice City poster at EB.


Thats a few things to do.  Sleep is also a good one.  Just sleep whenever you want to pass an hour or so lol.

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would you guys stop saying that its coming the 28th, its the 29TH!!!!! today is saturday, so that would be 3 days away, not to long, saturday is ussually fun, sunday....well, go to chuch or sumthing, and moneday is the long wait, esspecially if you have school....ouch

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I can't wait until VC *Slams head on desk over and over*

God made R* Make Vice City to make humanity suffer the wait.Or am I just insane :sigh:  ? I'm gunna' go play Russian Roulette to pass tha time



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i dont get it until November 3rd since the first shipment at Gamestop was all booked up so i had to reserve at the last minute,for the first week in Nov. ....its cool tho i can stand the wait,i have other things to keep me busy... :r*:

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arghhhhhh, i gotta wait for the PC, UK release.  :(  :*(


:starts rocking backwards and forwards arms n legs crossed:  :p

there isnt even a talk about the pc release yet mate sorry.


let me see weve got:

Saturday, Sunday, Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, thats 14 days cus i have to go to school on friday so i have to include that as a day of wait. if some of you cant wait a max of 14 days i really pity you

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Considering the absolute horror which was the PC version of GTAIII it might be a long shot for the PC to actually get this game.  My brother has an Athlon 1.8ghz with 512MB of DDR Ram and a Geforce 3 64MB video card and GTAIII still ran about 3x slower then the PS2 version.


There were far more people complaining about the PC version then there were people praising it, so its stil way up in the air for a PC release of the game.  More then likely Rockstar will make one eventually but It will be a long time from now.  With so many copies of this game being sold there really is no need for Rockstar to release the game on another system.


3 More days now.  When Sunday arrives I can finally say, "Tomorrow is the last day to wait, thank god".


I will have to tape the first episode of 24 though.  I want to watch that show but I will be far too busy playing Vice City lol.  Me and my bro and his friend are going up there Tuesday morning when the mall opens to grab our copy and the SG(15% off when you buy a SG with the game at EB).  Then we are coming home and never leaving our rooms lol.

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Well, I've been playing GTA3. Then I get bored and play GTA2. Then I dig out GTA and GTA: London. Then I go back to GTA3. Then GTA2. Then GTA. Then GTA: London.


Rinse and repeat...


[EDIT] Of course, I also think of those precious few hours I got to play a version of Vice City. :p



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So you have been one of those lucky few to actually play the version of this game?


Lemme ask you something.  Comparing the visual style of Vice City to Liberty City what did you consider to be the most impressive thing to look at?  I remember when I first played GTAIII I just walked around the entire city of Portland all the time just enjoying the sights and sounds.  And from what I have seen, the visual style of Vice City will make this type of leisure activity 100x better.  Especially with the beaches ;)


Ahhh ok I just looked at your avatar.  Executive Editor of Gamespot?  Nice!  I'm looking for work are you guys hiring? lol.



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Heh. Actually, yeah, we are. :cool:


Anyway, Vice City is EXTREMELY interactive. Like your example of walking around Portland - that's still the case. Only now, not only do peds say random things, they talk to each other. You can see people greeting each other, then taking a seat on a bench to talk about the weather. Heh - I even saw a couple thugs making an old man an "offer" as I passed an alley. :D


The hotel, in my opinion, is a great view. Your room alone looks out on the city, and the pool... well, that's self explanitory. :devil:


The cars are also much more reflective. New cars, for example, are shiny and new, but you may come across old junker cars with rust. Apart from the rust, they're also shiny.


The buildings... you know how GTA3's buildings looked blocky when you walked up to them? That's been fixed. Nice and smooth...


Heh. You can check my full review on Teusday (or shortly thereafter - it depends on how much I'll get to play it at work for reviewing). As for right now, I don't wanna give too much away. :D

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They have a pool even though you can't swim? lol.  Lets just hope its a shallow pool.


Are there people actually swimming and relaxing in the pool?  That would be a cool little addition.  


From what I have read and from what you have just told me I think the first thing I a going to do is just explore the city.  See whats possible and what is just my imagination running away with me.  Even though, watching the Double Insane Stunt movie from IGN where he jumps across two buildings got my imagination pumping.  One of the funnest things to do in GTAIII was taking the police on a long chase filled with insane jumps with the police hot on my tail.


I'm still a little saddened by the no replay thing, but I will get over it.  Even though this game will provide plenty of chances for me to yell out, "WHERE IS MY REPLAY BUTTON!! AUGH!".


How is the pay over there at Gamespot? I will be asking for no less then 20$ an hour  :pp  :devil:  :devil:

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