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Is it possible to change all vehicles to Bikes

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I'm making an exercise bike to play games with, I want to change all the vehicles to bikes or find a mod that does it, is it possible?


I'm open for other ideas, as long as I can get on a bike easy and ride, would prefer if you couldn't fall off and there was a way to reset the bike with the rider already on it or close enough to jack it without moving.


I don't mind doing to research and work to create it if it doesn't exist, I just need to know if it's possible to mod GTA:SA in a way that would keep me on a bicycle.


Thanks in advance




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Modify the cargrp.dat to only contain bikes. However the medics and firemen need to use their normal vehicles as it will cause crash.

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You might be able to replace the cop car, ambulance, and firetruck with bikes. You'd have to change the model and edit the default.ide as well as handling, carcols, etc.

Edited by sharpie_eastern

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Ok, I Finally got the game. I've downloaded GTA ultimate editor and GGMM. I've poked around in the .DAT files but I can't seem to figure out where I can change vehicles to Bicycles. The cargrp.dat file seems to list what types of peds use what vehicles, I don't get how to change it.


Another option would be the ability to spawn a bicycle with a keyboard button.


Also, would it be possible to change something with the game so you can't fall off the bicycle?


Sorry for all the questions. I've never modded a game before.




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