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Now recruiting XBOX 360, "The Country Club Crew"

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This is an invite only crew. I don't want 300 members that's insane and we won't even know half of them. I already have 1 Lieutenant, Stephanie, yes she's a girl but she can definitely hold her own. This will be more of an upscale crew planning large heists to perfection. And may hold up the occasional liquor store, but for the most part I don't want a bunch of wannabe 2bit gangsters. I want people that are fun to play with and don't just run around being an asshole or a bunch of headset gangsters. We know everyone's big and bad hiding behind a microphone. Must be at least 16 y/o and if you lie about your age then at least act mature so we never know haha. Don't complain about ranks, everyone will get bumped up as myself or the other officers see fit. You can be demoted, so if you can't handle your position we will make changes. I'm in South Carolina so my times are Eastern Standard. I work 8-5 everyday except friday, saturday and sunday. So I have plenty of time to be on and usually am. We all know there may be some complications when GTA:O is released on Tuesday due to the amount of people on the servers, but I am going to try and be on all afternoon to meet the crew. We will be a very rich crew as long as everyone does their part. We want to own everything, play golf tennis, etc, so be prepared to make some money. I will give in game money to certain players to buy things when they do good and should be rewarded. Crew mission reward money will be divided equally. When we have a mission that required the use of a chopper, Airplane, Tank, etc. Someone in our crew will have one. Everyone is expected to dress their part. If your a higher up, dress like it wear suits, we don't want to look like a bunch of dime bag hustling thugs running the streets.


My xbox live Gamertag: SummersJr27 Send invite




Xbox 360 Players only

Mature players Only

No thugs, gangsters etc.

Dress the part

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