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No police bug



I cant get the police to chase me. no matter what i do. to make it work i had to go to alderney, which isnt opened yet in my game. and i can get a wanted level after that. but upon restarting the game the bug occurs again. im almost in the middle of the story, and i already had to replay it because the stupid saving system f*cked up my saves not so long ago.


so i dont feel like doing that again. theres like +40 missions to do to get to where i am right now, screw that. any solutions? knowing whats causing the problem would be a good start. i have the simple native trainer installed but i highly doubt its the source of the problem. ive been using it for a long time in this game and in EFLC and this is the first time i ever encountered this bug. but just to be sure i also tried removing it but it didnt help.

Edited by Majestic81

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3 answers to this question

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It has to be the trainer because a normal copy of the game will not behave in this manner.


I highly recommend removing the trainer, its associated files, reinstalling the game and deleting all files from the Settings folder.

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Found this while searching:



none of those guys used the trainer or any other cheats for that matter, but they had the same exact bug. for now i found a temporary solution and its killing niko 2 times, then the cops will start chasing you. but upon restarting the game ( loading an existing save file is fine as long as i didnt exit the game.exe) the bug will repeat itself.


Gonna try installing the 1.7 patch, if it doesnt work ill have to reinstall the whole game like you said.


Edit: reinstalling and deleting trainer files and the files in the settings folder did not work. ffs.. i guess i have to get myself killed twice every time i start the game up.

Edited by Majestic81

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This is an unfortunately common, unfixed bug that has nothing to do with any trainers. My current game is also suffering from it, so I have to start every session by killing Niko to get things working normally again. And even so during a long session the police will often eventually start ignoring me again.

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