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Money is so useless

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

A yacht, safehouses, and MORE f*cking much needed garage space[god damn Rockstar :angry: ] would've been nice to waste money on. Other than that there wasn't much else possible.

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They could have at least given us safehouses to buy. Why does Trevor have a sh*t tonne of money but still live in that caravan dump? Makes no sense. I've got a billion dollars and you're telling me Trevor can't buy a house in Los Santos?


My Trevor lives in a strip club... Is that not every man's dream?

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The ability to hold items. A glass a stick..... Too much to ask.?

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Some things I'd like to see.


1. They could open the casino. That would be one way for a player to either blows millions, or make millions


2. Allowing us to buy new houses. Allowing us to customize them. Let us buy tvs, pool tables, maybe like a DJ booth, let us buy different types of furniture, add bigger garages, change the floors, and paint the walls. These are simple things that would allow us to put our own touch to our GTA universe.


3. How about some cars that can only be bought via the website. Cars that would never spawn or been seen driving around.


Business would be more fun to own if you could actually go inside. Maybe buy a nightclub, can change cover prices, drink prices etc. Simple sh*t like that would make owning the business's a little more enjoyable. The system they have now sucks. There is no real reason to own anything, it just seems more less like they were thrown in to give us something to blow money on.

Edited by Spitfirex007

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Better than IV.


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Michael, What I'm hearing is that you used the internet and other people's hard work to manipulate the game into making you filty, Saddam Hussein oil rich and are now complaining about it.


I think you need a new therapist.

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  • opening that casino in single player would have been one way instead of teasing it
  • a car show room like the one at the beginning of the game - where u can sell and modify custom cars, would have also been a nice garage to keep and display your cars / bikes
  • more safehouses to buy
  • really expensive vehicles and guns to buy that do not spawn openly in the game world
  • really expensive custom clothes and jewellery
  • being able to wager money or ingame races that have progressively higher difficulty


loads of things that could have been implemented with the current anaimations / textures etc or those from previous games which R* has done with other in game assets


Brilliant ideas.


I guess with sand box games people like to play once the story is done. So the player runs out of things to do, with exception of DLC.

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For all you that keep saying wait for online or online will have this or that....... just remember this game has never been about MP, it's the SP that got the game to were it is today. So I shouldn't have my SP suffer because they want to push there online play! I still think this is the best GTA to date but a lot of it feels like it got cut/moved over to MP. There should be side missions the let you rob banks like you can gas stations, getting all three guys to work together to do it...... not getting more then 10-15k from it but that would be lote more fun. Frank could drive, mike go in hold up the teller and Trevor to be sniping from a far at cops to aid your get away. That would never get old. As far as the money thing goes unless you glitch it or beat the game then do the Lester missions, I think it's spot on and yes buying more then one garage that holds 4 cars for a game with 200+ IS SOMETHING THEY HAVE TO FIX. If you do about 30% then do a Lester mission, then another at 50% and another at 80% and so on you will have enough money to buy everything as you play and NOT end up having 2 billion dollars at the end of the game with nothing to do but hold your pecker in your hand !

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Single player games are to be used up and thrown away or replayed from scratch. It's a sad fact, and is why single player DLC was invented. If you've burned through it and collected everything, no one will be able to help you. They've added medals for completing everything, but there is a lack of randomness to the missions and short sidequests that does leave a lot to be expanded upon.

Edited by Gigabomber

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Lee Everett

And we care because?

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I'm afraid in GTA Online you won't have this problem, heh.

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I agree, money is completely useless at the moment, once GTA: Online launches, money will be everything.

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Agree Money is Useless in GTA V Single Player Mode


At the beginning:

1. Frank is so poor, he can't buy even good vest or good gun. 

2. The only way to earn money is to drive taxi, but the game didn't tell me, damn! (Punching guys on the street only gain $10 something).

3. Even I try hard to earn money, there is no way to buy great equipment because they are locked.


In the middle:

1. Trevor is rich, Micheal is median. But they don't need to buy guns or ammo, Because the mission guarantee necessary guns and ammo. (At most I can buy vest).

2. Buying stock and properties looks like a good way to earn money, and the tips from Lester make it more fun.


At the end:

1. Not need to mention, They have much money so can buy everything on the map.

2. No need to buy guns because they have collected almost all of them. Plus they don't lose guns when dead.

3. Buying some properties unlock mini games. That's good.

4. Buying stock is pointless, they don't need more money.



Earning and spending money does not affect too much game experience.

At the beginning I can't buy good guns so to SM the enemies. 

In the middle I don't need to buy guns.

At the end somebodies say they have too much money. It is usual because they have finished the story, but they are still playing single player mode!



1. Do not lock up guns and properties at the beginning, because it prevents player to enjoys in different ways.

2. Empty all guns and ammo when come out from police station and hospital, because the game needs a way to waste money.

3. Do not guarantee guns and ammo in the mission (except needed by the story), because preparing guns is a game experience.


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Holy 5 year necro!!!


I have about $1.4 TRILLION on each toon.

I spend it on ammo and just go out blowing up the town.


I'm still at 91% so I have some more to do...

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Yeah. I don't think this thread needed to be bumped.

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