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Help with underwater briefcases...


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Hey guys. I'm new to the forum, and of course I need some help. I have been playing for a few days now. I am trying to get some cash generated, and of course I have read the IGN WIKI. I took both my characters out last night into the ocean trying to get paid. I took both of them separately to different underwater briefcase locations, each in a dingy with the scuba gear. First I took the white dude out the first location. I switched characters, then but my black dude into position at another suitcase. When I switched back to my white dude, he was no longer in the water! He was back at his pad in the hills. I then switched back to my black dude, and the same stuff happened. He isn't in the water anymore either! What did I do wrong? I then took my black dude back to a suitcase location for another attempt. I found a suitcase flashing on the ocean bottom. I must have swam over it 20 times...I couldn't pick it up! So, I wasted a whole lot of time last night, and still didn't pick up a $25,000 suitcase OR anything else. What am I doing wrong?

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If you wait to long between switching theyll move locations, I had a problem by the plane where i kept swimming over something and he wouldnt pick it up but that wasnt the suitcase. The 25K suitcase is on an old submarine. Id google that one since thats the best one to spam. Sometimes its just simplier to use 1 charcter at a time in getting the cases.

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Maybe I'm just in the wrong spot. Where is the $25k briefcase located? I thought it was supposed to be off the SW coast on top of an underwater sub thing. I've been there too. No briefcase at all there... When I DID see a case, it was flashing and everything (at another location) it just wouldn't let me pick it up.

Edited by burnout42
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This take patience but is possible. I have done multiple times. Take one person to the 25,000 briefcase (look on youtube for GTA 5 25,000 brief case or GTA 5 Hidden Packages) for locations. Switch people jump in a car switch back get the briefcase switch drive a couple blocks switch back get the briefcase switch drive a couple more blocks continue till both characters are getting a brief case. I try not to stay with one person more than 20 seconds or they start to wander good luck

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It's not really worth it anyway.


At first I was all for doing this but couldn't find the scuba gear. By the time the RIB with the scuba gear was near the dock I had already made $900,000 as Michael so $25,000 a time with this glitch didn't seem worth the effort. I tried it anyway and it worked. I too had trouble diving low enough to get the case sometimes.


I did it 5 or 6 times then got bored. Just invest EVERYTHING on all three characters before each assassination mission and you will make plenty of money. I made $400,000 for Michael just on the Hotel Assassination mission by buying stocks of Bettapharmaceuticals.

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Here's the $25,000 one:

Here's the $20,000 one:


DO NOT take a cab after the first character is in position and DO NOT quick save. Also DO NOT send both of them after the same briefcase (yes I tried that :evilgrin:)


The best method I've managed to do is to take a cab with the first character to the boat with the scuba gear south of the map, then get him headed towards the location then switch to the second character.


Drive 2nd character to the boat with the scuba gear (switch back to the first character every so often to make sure he's still on course).


Get 2nd character in the boat, head towards second case, switch back to 1st character to make sure he is still on course. First character will reach his case first, get him down to it and switch to 2nd character. If he's still far away from his case drive a bit then switch back to 1st character can collect his case. Do this until 2nd character has reached his case.


It takes me about 30 minutes or so to get both characters in position depending on how far away they are, but when they are in position the cash rolls in every 8 seconds :lol:

Edited by cswood
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There is 1 briefcase that contains $25,000 inside of it. Its about 6mil/hour

But this is very boring and you will quickly see that. Trust me I was exactly like this before I beat the game.


Beat the game and you will have boat loads of money.



After the final heist, each character should have over $20,000,000 no matter what plan you pick to do. At the very end of the game you have a choice to kill either Trevor or Michael. You can also choose to not kill either but if you do decided to kill one of them, their money will be split between the remaining 2.


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